15 Best Pet Lizards For Beginners

15 Best Pet Lizards For Beginners

Are you scared to have a pet lizard as a beginner? Finding a suitable pet is difficult for beginners; you can say that again. But easy does it; we have a perfect option for selecting your pet lizards. So dig deep into the article on the 15 best pet lizards for beginners and get a good companion for you.

15 Best Pet Lizards For Beginners

Are Pet Lizards Poisonous?

Lizard biting can be frightening, but they are not poisonous. Pet lizards are not harmful to humans, and their bite is not venomous. There are a few poisonous species, but they are not used as pets.

What are the Benefits of Having Pet Lizards?


Everyone who is a pet owner knows that pets make a man happy and energetic. Pet lizards enrich your daily life beyond imagination. Moreover, this is not just a subjective feeling but is reinforced by science. 

Reduced Social Isolation

Pet lizards are the best companions for a person. If you are socially isolated and feel alienation, have a pet like a lizard. These sociable creatures make you habitual in interacting with others around you. 

Longtime Companion 

Pet lizards are the best option if you want a longtime companion. These species have a long lifespan that can extend to more than 50 years. So, you can enjoy a golden jubilee with your pet lizard, a good friend in your solitude.

Some Precautions for Getting Pet Lizards

Choosing between the best pet lizards may seem difficult initially, but the process can be quick with our recommendations. When considering the best pet lizards, there are some precautions you should think about.

Size & Color

Have you set your heart on a cute little pet lizard because of its vibrant colors or pattern? If yes, focus on these two qualities before getting a pet lizard. Low-sized pets are more flexible to keep than large ones. However, the color of your pet makes it attractive and pleasant.


Take a lot of care of your pet lizard regarding its feeding precautions, temperature, humidity, and lighting. If you don’t fulfill these requirements, your pet lizard can be sick, rigid, or even more hostile toward you.


One of the most difficult parts about owning a pet is having to adieu it when it ultimately passes. Choose a species that has a long life span. So, you will enjoy much of the time of your life with your pet lizards.  


At first contact, pet lizards may appear indifferent and aloof. Actually, they prepare you to increase the odds of getting the temperament you want in your pet lizard. So, you must understand the temperament of your pet.

Blue-Tongue Skink

First, we will discuss a unique pet lizard, Blue-Tongue Skink, originally from Australia. The easy-on-the-eyes thing about this pet is its bright blue tongue. This characteristic differs from the other species of lizards. Despite having bright blue tongues, these lizards are not dangerous and venomous. So, they are a good choice for beginners.


  • A docile and friendly creature
  • Don’t require branches
  • Solely ground dwellers


  • Require a large tank to live
  • Aggressive towards other skinks

Bearded Dragon 

Another choice for pet lizards is Beared Dragon, called “Beardies” for short. Bearded Dragons are rarely aggressive, so they are the best for beginners. These docile lizards are easy-to-handle and loveable by nature. Plus, you can find these pets in different attractive colors like brown, red, and yellow.


  • Easy to care
  • Simple diet 
  • Multiple colors


  • Need plenty of space
  • Sensitive to temperature

Chinese Water Dragon 

Chinese Water Dragons are lizards commonly found in China and most of Southeast Asia. This breed of lizards closely resembles Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx. These pet lizards are bright blue and green-colored and have long tails, so beginners love to play with them. The unique thing about Chinese Water Dragons is that they change colors as they age.


  • Energetic and highly active
  • Striking colors
  • Intelligent creature


  • Tendency to develop health issues
  • Requirements of humidity and high temperature
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African Fire Skink 

African Fire Skink pet lizards are not giant in size and have some basic husbandry requirements. However, they are a good choice for beginners as they have a great activity level that attracts their owners. Besides, their availability makes them uncommon; they are rare to find at local pet stores.


  • Diet consists of common insects 
  • A beautiful contrast of red and black colors
  • Long term companions


  • Require humid environment
  • Aggressive towards other lizards

African Fat Tailed Gecko

You can find African Fat Tailed Gecko if you need some of the most docile and peaceful pet lizards. They are remarkable for beginners searching for a unique pet that is not high maintenance. As you develop a bonding relationship with these pet lizards, they will get very comfortable and affectionate with you.


  • Different colors and patterns
  • Friendly and easy to adjust with
  • Low maintenance


  • If they feel scared, they will drop their tail
  • Heat is necessary for their tanks

Crested Gecko 

Crested Gecko pet lizards are closely related to the famous Gargoyle Gecko. Therefore, they have some easy-peasy care requirements that are not hard to fulfill. Beginners should adopt these pet lizards if they want to enjoy their appearance. This breed of lizards is pleasant to look at and friendly by nature.


  • Adjustable in small tanks
  • Not aggressive toward other Crested Gecko lizards
  • Easy to breed


  • Active at night
  • Sensitive to heat

Leopard Gecko 

Are you longing for an attractive pet lizard? Then, Leopard Gecko is the best choice. These desert lizards have beautiful spotted patterns on their body, similar to a leopard. Beginners can find it a good companion because of its gentle and charismatic nature. Further, these friendly and domesticated lizards don’t need much room to live.


  • Attractive body spots of black, white, and yellow
  • Extremely friendly
  • Good eyesight


  • Special requirements for lighting
  • Its tail can drop off if you don’t handle it carefully 

Gargoyle Gecko 

If you are a beginner, here is a strikingly beautiful pet lizard for you. Gargoyle Gecko pet lizard offers you a lot in the looks department. This species has no fixed coloration so you can find it in a wide range of colors. Moreover, these pet lizards are just fine with their owners and have a peaceful nature.


  • Simple diet
  • Good to breed 
  • Easy to handle


  • Have sharp teeth
  • Hostile towards other species
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Panther Chameleons 

Get a Panther Chameleons pet lizard if you are a true pet lover and want glowing multi-colored species. They really change colors to control their body temperature and communicate their mood. Beginners who want a vibrant coloration should get a male Panther Chameleon. 


  • They are adorable
  • Don`t require too much attention
  • Silent creature


  • They smell bad
  • These are expensive species

Sudan Plated Pet Lizards Review

Sudan Plated lizards are also known as Broadley’s Rough-scaled Plated lizards. This lizard is extremely friendly, even with beginners. You can tame it quickly with regular protection and handling care. So, as a beginner, if you want some affection from your pet lizard, have this bee`s knees.


  • They are affectionate
  • Live longer
  • Shy nature


  • Require special lighted environment
  • They want to live solitarily

Italian Wall 

The Italian wall lizards are highly robust and can climb on probably any surface. These wall lizards grow larger than common wall lizards. You can find them in shiny green color. As pets, these species of lizards are shy and easy to keep. That is why a beginner can easily take care of them.


  • Completely harmless 
  • Shy in nature


  • Aggressive towards other lizards
  • Requirements for their diet

Long-Tailed Grass 

Long-Tailed Grass pet lizards have charm in their extra-long tail. These lizards are easy to attach with. Plus, you can tame them with a little bit of care. Long-Tailed Grass pet lizards are harmless and low maintenance. They don’t let their owners worry about their diet and protection.


  • Quick on their feet
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily tamed 


  • Abnormally long tail
  • Tricky to handle

Spiny Tailed Lizards/Uromastyx 

The Spiny Tailed lizards are also called Uromastyx. It is a diverse group of lizards well-known for its distinct focusing colors. You can find it in shades of blue, yellow, red, and black. However, you can have them as a beginner. Once tamed, Spiny Tailed lizards are very easily handled and docile.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • No complications in diet and husbandry
  • Docile and loveable


  • High prices
  • Heat sensitive

Spiny Tailed Monitors/Ackies 

Spiny Tailed Monitors or Ackies monitors are much more friendly and docile. These easy-going pet lizards are highly sociable. Once they get settled into their space and get comfortable with their owners, they are peaceful and loveable.


  • Quickly attached to humans
  • Long-lived species
  • Active and entertaining


  • Get bigger when mature
  • Sensitive to temperature

Green Iguana 

Green Iguana is a popular beginner Lizard because of its herbivore diet and beautiful appearance. They eat fruits, leaves, and flowers. So, they can be excellent beginner pet lizards for anyone who doesn’t enjoy feeding live. Their lush green color makes them more beautiful.


  • Simple diet
  • Attractive green color
  • Patient and calm by nature


  • Costly to accommodate
  • Overly large size

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If you are still confused to decide about choosing a pet lizard for you as a beginner, save your time. We have provided you hella of choices, so you hit the nail on the head. Pick one of the 15 best pet lizards for beginners and have the actual taste of affection. Visit ownyourpet to learn more.

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