Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Corn?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Corn

There are quite different types of food you can feed your guinea pig pet, but are canned supplements inclusive? – Can guinea pigs eat canned corn? The short answer is “NO,” guinea pigs cannot eat canned corn.

Already, you should know that guinea pigs love eating all the time (especially snacks) but don’t make the mistake of giving them canned corns.

In today’s post, we shall be looking at why feeding your cavies with canned corn is a bad idea.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Corn?

Yes, they do. Cavies enjoy corn – it is one of their favorite snacks. They can even eat corn on the cob with everything included. The corn kernels contain fiber, which is an essential requirement in cavies’ diet. More so, because corn is bite-sized, it digests easily in cavies.

However, corn is quite high in sugar and starch, which makes it unsafe to feed your cavies with corn all the time. When sugar and starch are excess in your cavy’s system, it could lead to obesity or other complicated sicknesses.

Here, we are talking about un-canned corn – what about canned ones? Is it safe to feed guinea pigs with canned corn since it’s their favorite snack? Let’s talk about that.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Corn?

is canned corn good for guinea pigs

Definitely, before a supplement or food is canned, it must have been semi-processed or even fully processed. Cavies are not to eat processed foods, the type of food notwithstanding. This is because processed food includes a lot of ingredients that won’t settle well in a cavy’s system.

Humans may live well on canned foods – most dieticians recommend canned foods and supplements for their patients. But this is not good for some of our pets. The guinea pigs’ system doesn’t have what it takes to digest and utilize certain ingredients in processed foods.

It is understandable that your guinea pigs love food and would definitely chew/eat anything you serve them – that’s their nature! They do enjoy corn (not canned) and other raw food – feed them with such!

What Makes Canned Corn Unfit For Guinea Pigs?

Canned corn is high in salt, and cavies need not take in salt in large quantities. Also, canned corn is preserved with additives and/or other preservatives to make it last longer while still on the shelf.  Those preservatives may react negatively when they get into your cavy’s system.

What Type Of Corn Does Guinea Pigs Eat?

Simply, guinea pigs eat raw corn (sweetcorn) and not canned corn. So, unless you’re buying the canned corn for your consumption, leave it on the seller’s shelf and move to the next item on your shopping list.

It is important to note that popcorns are already processed; thus, they are equally unsafe for your cavies. If your cavy comes around while you’re having a snack, don’t give it the snack too. Yes, they are usually hungry, but you won’t love to endanger your pet’s health, thanks to an avoidable mistake.

How To Serve Guinea Pigs’ Corn

Let’s exploit the nutrients in corn and how it related to guinea pigs. Sweetcorn kernels contain high sugar, while the husks and silks are rich in fiber. Both sugar and fiber are good for guinea pigs. However, while your piggy may need more fiber, it certainly does not need more sugar.

More so, there’s not much of Vitamin C in corns compared to other fruits and herbs your guinea pigs can eat. Thus, it is advised to serve corn to guinea pigs occasionally.

You can make twice or thrice in a week; increase it to four times in a week is you want the piggies to add more weight. But be careful and watch for obesity.

Basically, cavies don’t stop eating – they’d continue to eat until they are physically unable to eat anymore. That said, when serving them corn, follow the instructions provided by your vet. Even humans, when they eat too much, it makes them feel heavy, how much more your little piggies?

Furthermore, on no occasion should you serve canned corn to your cavies. Some people in some fora may say it’s safe, but vets confirm that it is entirely NOT SAFE.

Can Cavies Eat Other Canned Stuff?

The simple answer is NO; cavies are not to eat any canned stuff (whether it is canned corn, canned green beans, canned fruit, etc.). Every food to be served to your cavy must be raw and unprocessed.

Interestingly, there are many types of foods for guinea pigs; you can spoil your pet with tasty varieties for a week without repetition. From coriander to vegies, to fruits, to pallets, and the list continues. Canned foods are unhealthy for your cavy, please don’t adhere to most advice on fora.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen Corn?

Okay, since canned foods are not recommended for guinea pigs, what about frozen meals (frozen corn). Again, if the food is not unprocessed and raw, do not serve it to your cavies. Frozen corn is unhealthy for cavies, and they should not be meant to eat that.


So, can guinea pigs eat canned corn? The answer remains NO. Canned stuff and processed foods are not good for cavies. Always feed your guinea pigs with fresh fruits, vegetables, and hays. Hays help to trim their ever-growing teeth and vegetables such as coriander nourishes their system with vitamin C.

Guinea pigs are lovely, beautiful, and friendly. Always visit a veterinarian when your cavies develop unusual symptoms.

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