Do Guinea Pigs Know Their Name?

how to train guinea pigs to know their name

Our adorable little pets are highly intelligent creatures. They develop a strong affinity towards their owners. Some animals such as dogs and cats often know their name, which is something fascinating. But do guinea pigs know their name?

Yes, with a bit of patience and time, you can train your guinea pig to know its name. It is also possible for you to teach the guinea pig how to respond when you call its name.

This article will answer the question of whether guinea pigs know their name and teach you how to train your pet to recognize when you call out to it.

Do Guinea Pigs Know Their Name?

Yes – many guinea pigs will recognize their names when you call out to them. However, you have to spend a considerable amount of time training the guinea pig to know their name and differentiate it from other words you frequently use when you’re around it.

What Is the Ideal Environment to Train Your Guinea Pig?

Do Guinea Pigs Know Their Name

The ideal environment for training your guinea pig is one free of distractions. If it feels distracted or bothered, it will not pay as much attention to learning whatever you are attempting to teach.

So, before you try to train your guinea pig to take your time to prepare the environment, get rid of anything that might distract the pig, such as food and toys, and make sure the guinea pig feels comfortable.

Also, make sure that there are no dangerous items around, such as sharp objects, open electrical circuits, or electrical cords.

Finally, ensure you feed the pig properly and have had enough water to drink. You may allow your pet to poop commencing the training, so it is not distracted by the needing to poop.

Schedule the training time to not conflict with your guinea pig’s mealtime, playtime, or nap time.

Your little pet will be eager to learn whatever you teach it if it’s comfortable with you and in good health, as any discomfort or pain will be an obstacle.

How Do You Train Guinea Pigs to Know Their Name?

To train your fun little pets to recognize their names, place the pet in a comfortable place, preferable inside its cage. Lay a trail of treats starting from the door. Then open the cage and stand at the end of the course.

As your guinea pig approaches you eating the treats, ensure you always call it by its name. And when it finally gets to you, cuddle and reward it with another treat. Please repeat this step as often as you can till the guinea pig becomes familiar with its name.

Remember that guinea pigs are not cats or dogs; they will not pick up their names fast as dogs or cats would. So be patient with them. Also, try to choose a straightforward name that will not confuse your pet. A short high-pitched name always does the trick.

Remember always to call the guinea pig by its name whenever you walk up to it.

However, some guinea pigs may never get to recognize their name no matter how much you try. If yours is one of those, do not get upset because of that, you have a lovely adorable pet you should cherish.

How Do You Train Guinea Pigs to Respond to Their Name?

What Are Fun Ways of Training Guinea Pigs

Training your guinea pig to know its name is thrilling. However, it would be best if you did not stop at that. Take the extra effort to see that your guinea responds to its name. The key to ensuring that your little pet is eager to learn is to make enough treats available.

Giving out treats is a way of rewarding the motivating your pet.

To train your guinea pig to respond to its name, follow these steps:

  • Place your pet on the floor, not so far away from you.
  • Hold a few pet favorite treats in your hand.
  • Call your guinea pig by its name, ensure the treat is clearly visible to it.
  • Repeat this procedure daily till your pet has mastered the call.

What are healthy Treats for Training Guinea Pigs?

Because of the excessive number of treats required in training your guinea pigs, it is wise to seek healthy treats that will not harm your pet due to excessive consumption.

Vegetables and fruits are the healthiest treats for training your pets. They serve as excellent baits for attracting your pet while ensuring they also eat healthily.

The following are some of the fruits and vegetables you can use as treats berries, pears, oranges, bananas, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, and lettuce.

Take extra caution not to overfeed your guinea pig even if you are using healthy options. Ensure you regulate the amount of sugar your guinea pig takes to prevent diseases. Furthermore, stay away from fruits and vegetables that are toxic to pigs.

What Are Fun Ways of Training Guinea Pigs?

Being able to get the attention of your guinea pig by calling its names is fantastic. The good thing about this is that you can train your little pet to do even more kinds of stuff.

Here are some fun training options you can practice:

Train your guinea pig to come your way when you give a command

To do this:

  1. Remove your pet from the cage and keep them across the room.
  2. Let it know you have some treats in your hands.
  3. Call the pet by its name along with the command.
  4. Reward the guinea every time it comes towards you with a treat.

The first few times you try to do this, manually guide the pet to follow your instructions. With time it’ll get the hang of it.

Train your guinea pig to follow you when you say a specific word

Just like training the pet to learn its name, use treats to get the guinea pig to come towards you while you keep repeating the command. This training requires patients and consistency.

After your pet has learned these commands, feel free to introduce more fun trains. You could try training your pet to play catch. Remember always to reward your guinea pig with rewards whenever it gets it right. This will motivate them to keep learning.


Owning a guinea pig is a fantastic experience. Being able to teach your cute little pets a few treats will make the experience even more fun and rewarding. While training your guinea pig, always be patient with it. They will not learn as fast as some other pets, so let them take all the time they need.

Your guinea pig may not be able to learn all the tricks you wish to teach it. Again this should not demoralize you. Those little pets are precious, owing them are a source of joy.

Remember, rewarding your pet is a sure way of ensuring they stay committed to learning whatever it is you may be teaching them. However, it would help if you didn’t give them excessive treats, as this will be detrimental to their health.

The healthiest treats to use are vegetables and fruits. It would be best to stay clear of human food such as cookies and biscuits as they are not beneficial for your pet.

Before the training, make sure the environment is safe and secure. Guinea pigs do not like noisy environments. Always show you guinea pig love and affection. These pets are attention seekers.

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