Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music

Although much research has been carried out by scientists about the effect of music on pets, specific studies haven’t been done on guinea pigs.

But do guinea pigs like music? Can guinea pigs listen to music? The fact that guinea pigs live with humans means that they will be exposed to music at one point or the other.

Some guinea pig owners claim that their pet enjoys music while some say they don’t. At the end of the day, it all depends on your guinea pig’s personality. If you decide to play your guinea pig some music it should be soft and calming.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music?

We love our pets so much that we try to share with them things that make us happy. If you are a lover of music, you would have definitely wonder whether if it is safe to share some music with your guinea pigs.

Even if you don’t mean to do so, the fact that you share your living space with your pet guinea pigs, it is highly likely that you have exposed your pet to some sort of music during their lifetime.

You should note that guinea pigs have a highly developed hearing. This makes them way sensitive to sounds and noises compared to humans.

Their highly developed sensitive hearing is used in the wild as a survival tactic to listen out for potential predators. This means guinea pigs can hear music, and it might be quite different from the way we humans do.

If a guinea pig will enjoy listening to music totally depends on the guinea pig itself, some may enjoy music while some may become distressed.

So when trying to get your guinea pig to listen to your karaoke night, you need to keep an eye on your guinea pig’s reaction, once they seem distressed, change the music or stop playing it.

There are different ways to tell if your guinea pig is enjoying the music you are playing or not, this include but isn’t limited to:

  • Closed eyes
  • Making content noises (like purring)
  • Continuing to eat even while the music plays
  • Popcorning (jumping into the air!)
  • Going about its usual activities normally

If you notice that your guinea pig has suddenly become overactive or hyperactive while the music is playing, this might indicate distress. Your guinea pig might also be in distress if they suddenly seem unable to engage in their normal activities.

Type Of Music A Guinea Pigs Might Like

Type Of Music A Guinea Pigs Might Like

Due to the fact that guinea pigs have a highly developed sense of hearing, they definitely wouldn’t enjoy loud noises or loud music.

Playing loud, unexpected, or extended sounds can make your guinea pig very frightened. Exposing them to continuous loud noises can also be damaging to their hearing.

From being prey animals in the wild, guinea pigs have developed a strong sense of hearing as a defense mechanism so they can tell when potential predators are approaching and escape quickly.

This makes guinea pigs hear sounds differently compared to humans. So a music volume you may consider to be at a normal level may be way too loud and even unbearable for your guinea pig.

You should always consider the difference in sound sensitivity whenever you are putting on music in the company of your pet.

Try to put on only soft and calming music, such as piano covers of your favorite songs, chimes, and sounds of water. All these song choices have been known to be particularly relaxing for guinea pigs.

Many guinea pig owners have claimed that their pets actually enjoy some certain musical genre.

When trying to determine the type of music that your guinea pig might enjoy, try to go for soft and calm music.

They are less likely to make your guinea pig stressed, instead they may experience a feeling of calmness and contentment.

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Right Volume Level To Play Music For Guinea Pigs

As stated earlier, guinea pigs have higher sound sensitivity, they have a hearing range of roughly about 54-50,00 Hz. This means that loud noises or high-frequency sounds can frighten your guinea pig and make them distressing.

You should avoid music like rock, screamo, or any sound that is extremely loud, jumpy, or involves a lot of bases, they may be harmful to your guinea pig’s ears.

If this is your choice of music, you should try to keep the volume to a bare minimum or avoid playing it around your guinea pig altogether.

When playing music around your guinea pig, the volume should be kept at a moderate level, it should be loud enough to be heard but low enough to not be heard from outside the room.

Because guinea pigs are social animals, they can often enjoy music or having the radio being left on for them as a companion, especially when they are left alone for long periods throughout the day.

When leaving background music for your guinea pig, it should be very soft and calming for them. There are lots of different specific guinea pig playlists you can find on Spotify, YouTube, and amazon music.

Guinea Pig’s Reaction To Music

A guinea pig’s reaction to music totally depends on their personality, your guinea pig may either enjoy music or become distressed. It is best to monitor your pet’s reactions to the music in order to be able to understand their preference and care for them accordingly.

There are lots of different ways to tell if a guinea pig is enjoying the music but they will often close their eyes and make little purring sounds.

If you notice that your guinea pig has a calm demeanor and continue behaving normally, it is safe to assume that they either enjoy the music or really don’t care about it.

However, if your guinea pig starts to shriek, whine or chatter its teeth, that is an indicator that your guinea pig is frightened and in distress. In cases like this, you should turn down the volume or just shut off the music entirely.

If a guinea pig is enjoying the music or not, you can tell by paying attention to their ‘body language’. The way a guinea pig reacts to music will tell you if they are okay with the music you are playing or not.

Effect Of Music On Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig's Reaction To Music

There’s no specific scientific study that has been able to fully determine the effect of music on guinea pigs, but many owners have claimed that certain genres of music have had a calming effect on their guinea pigs.

Many people also recommend leaving the music on for your guinea pig as a company, it is claimed that they enjoy it as guinea pigs are very social animals.

If you are to do this, ensure to keep the music on low volume, you should only opt for soft and calm music in order for the music to have the calming effect you are seeking on your guinea pig.

Opt for music such as piano music, bells, sounds of water. If the music is soothing and not too loud for you, your guinea pig is likely to enjoy it.

Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of Music?

Guinea pigs might become afraid and frightened of music when it is either too loud or has a heavy tempo. This also applies to other loud noises and fast-paced, high-frequency sounds.

You should always seek to protect your guinea pig’s sensitive hearing from sounds that is loud and aggressive, like the sound of your alarm clock, slamming doors, sub-woofers, and loudspeakers, and people shouting.

There are lots of different noises that might be beyond your control as a guinea pig owner, so you need to have an awareness and potentially limit the occurrence and effects of such noises.

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Do guinea pigs like music? Well, as you can see, the answer to this question isn’t that straightforward as you probably expected.

There’s currently no scientific proof that guinea pigs enjoy music, although some guinea pig owners claim their pet does. This depends solely on your guinea pig. Some may like music while some won’t!

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