Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners? (Fun Facts)

Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners

Guinea pigs are cute and quite intelligent pets. They are able to express a wide range of emotions using different sounds and gestures. Now, if you have a dog or even a cat, you are sure it misses you when you have to go to work but do guinea pigs miss their owners?

Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners

Well, your guess is as good as mine — guinea pigs sure miss their owners when they’re absent for so long. We’ll be discussing more about this in today’s article.

Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners?

Yes, guinea pigs miss their owners. My first piggy some years ago did a big dance of joy each time I came back home after some days of being away.

Some times, she shows me her displeasure if I have been away overnight and my neighbors fed her. Although, some green beans and always bring us back together. She is then back to cuddles and snuggles.

Guinea pigs are social animals and may begin to experience depression-like symptoms when alone for too long.

Guinea pigs cannot survive alone. For instance, a guinea pig that was captured individually needs at least one other guinea pig as a cage mate. This is because, in the wild, guinea pigs are usually found in herds, so you should try to create that level of interaction for your domesticated guinea pigs.

A single guinea pig living by themselves often become gloomy, confused, and spiritless. In fact, loneliness reduces the life expectancy of a guinea pig.

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What Guinea Pigs Need From Their Owners

Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners

1. Human Attention

Although guinea pigs need the presence of other guinea pigs, attention from human beings is also essential for their well-being. You need to be able to provide your guinea pigs with regular ample attention all the time.

Keeping your guinea pig healthy and happy is an ongoing process that will require lots of dedication and effort from you.

If you are just considering the idea of owning guinea pigs, ensure that you already have the capacity to take care of them and also provide them with quality interplay.

2. Extra Loving Care

In situations where one of your guinea pigs crosses the rainbow bridge leaving one behind, the guinea pig left behind might not be so receptive to a new cage mate. Some guinea pigs even put up great resistance to this.

You just have to note that bringing mature guinea pigs together can sometimes be difficult, even if it is done in a slow and measured manner.

Aggression between two newly introduced guinea pigs is very common and If your guinea pig is finding it hard to deal with the change of a new cage mate, try engaging him in more interaction with you than ever before.

Your guinea pig can definitely use more interplay with the loss of its buddy. Try to provide your pet with the extra company as much as you can, even if only for a short period of time.

This little interaction will enable him warm to the introduction of a new cage mate better.

Watch this video to learn more about guinea pig

3. Types of Interplay

There are different ways you can give your guinea pigs attention, and one of them is a good, old-fashioned daily petting session. Try brushing your pets’ coats regularly as this can create soothing and pleasant connecting experiences.

Just simply focusing on your guinea pigs and trying to chat with them every day can go a long way. Just being near their most preferred people can give guinea pigs a lot of comfort.

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Even if guinea pigs cannot express emotions the way other pets like dogs or cats do, it doesn’t mean they don’t miss their owners when left alone for long.

So, if you’ve been wanting to know if guinea pigs usually miss their owners, we hope you have the answer now. You need to know if you should reduce the amount of time you spend away from your pet.

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