Do Hamsters Like Company?

Do Hamsters Like Company

Hamsters are great pets and can be excellent companions. They are also quite cute and cuddly like a small teddy bear.

If you are looking for a low maintenance pet, a hamster might be precisely what you are looking for.

Hamsters are a great addition to your household and will get along with your older children and adults. If you also want to teach your child a lesson in being committed, getting a hamster is one way to go about it.

But do hamsters like company? Yes, hamsters love human company. Your hamster will thrive better under human company than the company of his fellow rodents. However, unlike gerbils and other rodents, don’t ever house hamsters, create a separate cage for them.

Do Hamsters Like Company?

How Do I Keep my Hamster Company

It depends on the type of company. Most hamster’s owners make the mistake of getting their hamster another hamster for companionship. This is a great misconception that your hamster will bond better together with another hamster.

It’s important to know that your hamster will thrive on the attention you give it but that is when you’ve properly socialized them by showering him with lots of affection.

Hamsters are small rodents, because of their small size, hamsters are often purchased as pets for children who want to play with them during the day at best.

The issue is that just when it’s time for your child to go to sleep, it’s time for a hamster to wake up as such, and some people see no need of getting hamsters as pets for their children.

Note that a hamster awakened suddenly from a nap during the day may bite, so be careful when you want to force hamsters into playing with your kids in the day time.

How Do I Keep My Hamster Company?

As already mentioned, a hamster is a low maintenance pet. But this does not mean you should forget your hamster or care less about it.

Firstly, you need to give your hamster adequate space to run about. Hamsters are known to be quite active at night and require a large area.

We recommended that your hamster’s cage be measured at 12 inches (width) x 12 inches (height) x 18 inches (length). There is nothing wrong if the cage is bigger than this measurement.

Get your hamster toys to keep occupied and stimulated. Hamsters’ playful nature requires that they have enough toys to play with.

Getting them toys like a hamster wheel, balls, and so on is a great way to get them to exercise and play around.

Handle your hamster with care when picking him up. The best way to pick up your hamster is by using one hand to cup him up underneath. Your other hand should cover his back to stop him from jumping off and injuring himself.

Once you have properly held your hamster, sit down and let him move from hand to hand over your lap so that it gets used to being handled.

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Do Hamsters Get Lonely?

a hamster feeling lonely

Hamsters do not get lonely. Hamsters were initially desert animals and are quite used to being alone.

Please don’t, in a bid to get your hamster some company house him with another hamster. This could lead to fighting as one of the hamsters will try to protect his territory from the other hamster.

If the fighting is not controlled, it could lead to injuries or the hamsters’ death.

Syrian hamsters especially are known for their aggressive nature. Dwarf hamsters are known for being friendly and pleasant. If you must pair hamsters together, it should be dwarf hamsters, not Syrian hamsters.

Should I Play With My Hamster?

Like we earlier said hamsters are friendly to humans but not to fellow hamsters or other rodents. As such, you or your kids can play with your hamster.

But before then, be sure you have created bonds and give if affections so much so that it feels comfortable around you.

Do Hamsters Know Who Their Owners Are?

Hamsters are poorly sighted. This means they can see far distances; hamsters see few inches above their nose.

What hamsters lack in sight, they make up for it in smell and hearing. So, yes. Your hamster can familiar with your scent and voice after the much-needed bonding.

It is best to get a young hamster. They are usually less aggressive and will give them time to get used to you.

Do Hamsters Like Being Out of Their Cage?

Hamsters like being out of their cage. Remember, we mentioned that hamsters are energetic and active animals. Taking your hamster out of his pen will allow him to explore.

Just like humans, we are not sure your hamster will like being bundled up in his cage all the time. Your hamster will be happier and healthier if allowed to roam about.

We recommend that your hamster be released outside their cages at least once a week. Most hamster owners go as far as releasing their pets from their cages daily.

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In conclusion, yes, your hamster will very much appreciate your company. Most hamsters are friendly animals.

Remember that if you have more than one hamster, it’s best to house them separately. While hamsters appreciate human company, they are quite aggressive to their fellow hamsters.

The health and happiness of your hamster should be your top priority.

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