How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation?

How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation?

There might be an event that takes you away from home for a couple of days, such as a vacation or something similar; it’s something we all crave, being out and not having to worry about the work schedules.

How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation?

However, as pet parents, you may wonder what you’d do with your pet. How long can you leave a guinea pig while on vacation? Can you leave it for a week, a couple of days, or less?

Well, the maximum number of times you can leave a guinea pig unattended is 48 hours, but there are factors that might affect this number, which we’ll discuss shortly.

How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation?

You can leave a guinea pig unattended for a maximum of 24 hours. However, you can get away with leaving your pet on its own for 48 hours without having any drastic consequences. If you have any reason to be out for more than 48 hours, arrange for someone to look after your guinea pig.

If you have to leave them alone for a day, then provide more food than they’ll require while you’ll be away. Place multiple sources of drinking water for them and provided lots of fresh green vegetables that’ll last for a day.

Leaving your cute ball of joy for more than a day can be daunting for most; we can relate to that. However, we can tell you that leaving your guinea pig for 24 hours with enough water and food is entirely safe from our experience.

We’ll discuss other factors you have to keep in mind before leaving your guinea pig on its own.

What Can Happen to Guinea Pig When Left Alone?

How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation

Your little pets could run into all sorts of trouble when there is no supervisory eye. Anyway, you can avoid many of these problems if you take appropriate measures to prevent them.

Below, we have detailed most of the significant concerns pet parents might face when leaving the guinea pig alone.

1. Guinea Pig Running Out of Hay

Your little one requires lots of hay in their daily diet. A balanced guinea pig diet should contain 80% hay. The grass provides most of the fiber and essential nutrients the pig needs.

Therefore, providing more than enough hay for the period you’ll be out is vital. If your pet has a fast-metabolic rate, you have to offer more food than usual, so your pet has food available around the clock.

So, planning to leave your guinea pig alone for a while? Ensure you have enough hay for the pet.

Read carefully to know how long can you leave a guinea pig while on vacation.

2. A Leaking Water Bottle

Leaking water bottles is regular problem pet owners face most times. The guinea pig’s water bottle requires a vacuum to function correctly. If you do not set the bottle right, the water would spill and soak the bedding. Soaked bedding can cause a couple of significant threats.

One such threat is that there would be no water available for the pet; the other is that the wet bedding can cause the guinea pig to fall ill.

A tripped or faulty water bottle will not be much of a concern if you’re close by, but this turns into a significant problem when you’re on vacation. Because the hay guinea pigs eat mostly is dry, they get thirsty quickly. Having no fresh water to drink becomes a massive problem.

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3. Soiled Beddings That Attract Flies

If you do not take time to spot clean the pet’s bedding daily, then the soiled wet bedding will attract flies and other insects when you are away.

Insects and flies thrive in moist and damped places. Places like that are conducive for them to lay eggs. If you’re wondering what harm flies can cause to your guinea pigs, the flies’ eggs lay on the hay hatches into larvae.

These larvae then attach to the hay your little one feeds on, and when it gets to the pet’s intestine, the larvae stick to the genital area of the guinea pig and begin the slowly kill the pig.

A bunch of larvae can eat the pet alive. Keep your guinea pig away from flies.

If you would be away for more than a day, then there will be a buildup poop. Unattended poop left for too long will lead to a buildup of ammonia. This buildup is very unhealthy for pigs and worsened if the room has poor ventilation.

4. Escaping from the Cage

Some guinea pigs love to get out of the cage and run around the room. If you own one of such type, then you have to ensure that the pen is adequately secured to prevent the pet from escaping while you’re away.

You can get a new cage that prevents them from getting away or modify the existing pen. Guinea pigs escaping the cage while you’re not close can be dangerous as they can run into all sorts of problems.

Conclusion: How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation

How long can you leave a guinea pig while on vacation? 48 hours at most. However, ensure you have made provision for extra hay, vegetables, and pellets available for your guinea pig.

If you spend more than 48 hours away from your guinea pig, have someone regularly check on your pet. I hope this post, How Long Can You Leave A Guinea Pig While on Vacation, helped you a lot.

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