How Often Do You Clean A Hamster Cage?

How Often Do You Clean A Hamster Cage

Owning a pet is all fun, but you must also know that it comes with specific responsibilities. You don’t intend to leave your pet running wild, do you? A hamster is no different from other pets.

How Often Do You Clean A Hamster Cage

How Often Do You Clean A Hamster Cage?

While having a hamster might not be as tasking as having other pets like a dog, you still have specific responsibilities to fulfill as a hamster owner. And one of these responsibilities is cleaning its cage.

But how often do you clean a hamster cage? You should clean your hamster’s cage at least once a week or at most once every two weeks. You can also decide to clean it more frequently than that as it helps in the overall health of your hamsters.

Remember that cleaning your hamster is also one of the ways of spending time with your pet. Make sure to clean it thoroughly and adequately.

Why Should I Clean My Hamster’s Cage?

A hamster, just like human pees and poops. The cage serves as the hamster’s toilet. When feeding, the hamster’s cage leaves bits of food. When the hamster is more than one, this means an accumulation of more bits of food. All these activities make the hamster’s cage messy, untidy, and smelly and, as such, will require frequent cleaning of his cage.

How Often Do You Clean A Hamster Cage?

Why Should I Clean My Hamster’s Cage

We highly recommend you clean your hamster’s cage as often as it gets dirty.

It’s not just proper hygiene that will help in keeping your hamsters from contamination and other health challenges, but it will help in keeping them neat so you can play with them any time you desire to.

What To Keep In Mind When Cleaning a Hamster Cage

Most people don’t know the right way to clean their hamster’s cage. Most people make honest mistakes that can easily be corrected. This post will provide you with invaluable tips on cleaning your hamster’s cage.

  • Don’t use strong chemicals like scented soap in cleaning your hamster’s cage. Ask your vet of hamster-safe disinfectants that can be used in cleaning a hamster’s cage.
  • Please don’t take out your hamster’s piece of his old bedding and nest when cleaning. It will be easier for him to recognize his home.
  • There is no need to rearrange the cage unless necessary. Hamsters are not big fans of changes and become nervous and agitated when they don’t recognize or find their nest.
  • Unless necessary, there is no need to remove your hamster from his cage and put him in a new habitat. Hamsters are quite sensitive creatures, which might be stressful for the hamster, especially if the hamster is not familiar with the new place’s scent.

How Do You Clean A Hamster Cage?

As a pet owner, you must strive to keep your met comfortable and healthy. As a new pet owner, however, you might be confused about ways to clean your hamster’s cage. Below are steps to employ when cleaning your hamster’s cage.

  • Clean out wet bedding every day. Hamsters are known for using a fixed corner of their cage to urinate. Make sure to scoop out the soil beddings every day.
  • Clean food bowls and water bottles daily. Clean containers are an essential requirement for maintaining your pet’s health and reduce the chance of contaminated food and water.
  • Spot cleaning is recommended instead of total cleaning. You can clean the entire cage once a month. Place the hamster in a safe environment while cleaning. Use lukewarm water, soapy water, and a hamster-safe disinfectant to clean.

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Do Hamsters Like Their Cages Clean?

Most of the hamster’s owner shares the sentiment that their hamsters will rather be left alone. But cleaning the cage is a requirement that should be carried out.

You can reduce the frequency of total cleaning and only perform daily spot cleaning. You can also clean half of the cage and the other at another time.

Hamsters are territorial animals, and messing with their cage shares frequently might upset them and make them bite. So, the best way to clean your hamster’s cage is by spot cleaning regularly instead of cleaning the entire cage regularly and, in the process, disrupting the hamster’s routine.

Will My Hamster’s Cage Be Smelly If I Don’t Clean It?

Yes. If your hamster spends most of its time in his cage, it will definitely be smelly.

If your hamster spends most of his time in his cage, he will poop and pee inside his cage. Hamsters usually pee and poop in one corner of the cage.

If you leave his excreta for a long time without cleaning it, it will stink and eventually permeate to other parts of the house.

If more than one hamster is occupying a cage, you should clean it more regularly than that. You can also opt for daily spot cleaning instead of cleaning weekly.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Hamster’s Cage?

It is not outside the realm of possibility for your hamster to die as a result of stress and sickness caused by a filthy environment.

When a hamster occupies a smaller cage, that means you will have to do more cleaning. A smaller cage runs the danger of being a smelly cage if it is not cleaned often.

How Often Should You Change the Bedding in A Hamster Cage?

You don’t have to change your hamster’s bedding daily. You can go up to 10-14 days without changing its bedding.

Always change the bedding when it starts to smell. Please leave a little bit of the old bedding so that the hamster is still familiar with its environment.

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Can Hamsters Die If You Don’t Clean Their Cage?

How Do You Clean A Hamster Cage

Your hamster can die from an exceedingly filthy environment. Moderation is the keyword when cleaning your hamster’s cage. If you clean the hamster’s cage way too frequently, it will be stressed, anxious, and agitated.

Should I Cover My Hamsters Cage at Night?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. It is usual for them to sleep by day time and stay awake at night.

Covering your hamster’s cage at night will not aid him to sleep better at night.

Do Hamsters Need A Light On At Night?

Being nocturnal animals means that hamsters will prefer to conduct their usual business at night. They are more energetic at night than in the day time. To encourage their activities, it is better to turn off the light so they can enjoy their activities.

Should I Bathe My Hamster?

No, there is no need to bathe your hamster. Hamster is relatively neat animals and can keep themselves clean.

You can spot clean their furs and check if they have bottom if something sticks to it.

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Getting a hamster from a pet store does not come with a user’s guide. Most often than not, you learn from the experience of owning a hamster.

You should clean your hamster’s cage at least once a week or at most, once every two weeks. If you spot clean your hamster’s cage daily, there will probably be no need to clean his cage weekly.

Make sure not to use strong detergents when you want to do a thorough cleaning of his cage. Mild detergents are best so the smell won’t affect his nose knowing how sensitive hamsters’ sense of smell is.

Don’t be scared to ask questions whenever you are confused. Visit a veterinarian if your hamster is acting unusually.

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