How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture?

how to keep pet hair off furniture

Anyone who owns a cat, or a dog, knows just how frustrating pet hair on furniture can be. Keeping pet hair off furniture can sometimes feel like a full-time job. However, following just a few simple tips and tricks can save you a lot of time and frustration; trust me, I’ve been there. Let’s discuss How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture!

how to keep pet hair off furniture

We’re going to cover some of the best ways to keep pet hair off of furniture, How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture, and how to keep up with the health and needs of your pet to minimize shedding. Read this article, How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture!

How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture?

Vacuuming as much as possible, and keeping your pets off of the furniture in the first place, is the best way to keep your couches, chairs, and other furniture free of pet hairs.

How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture? Explained

The key to keeping your furniture free of pet hair is to come up with a system that works for you. Cleaning once a week may not be enough. You may need to start a daily cleaning routine.

The New York Times polled 2000 cat and dog owners and found that half of them get grossed out by their pet’s hair, with 27% of them finding pet hair in their food.


Keep Your Pet Well Groomed

One best practice is to keep your pet well groomed. You would be surprised at how much this helps to manage pet hair and fur. Having the right kind of shampoo to bathe them, and the best brush, clips, and other items, can help manage their shedding.

Bringing your pet to a professional groomer is the proper way for them to remove unwanted hair, reduce the amount of fur they have, and keep your pets looking sharp.

Being groomed can also benefit your cat. By keeping up with grooming your cat at home, you can get away with taking your cat to a professional groomer only a few times a year, instead of every couple of months.

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Train Your Dog

Training your dog can be a great way to minimize the amount of pet hair that collects around your home. Keeping them out of certain rooms, and off of certain pieces of furniture can isolate the pet hair to fewer areas in the house. This can make it easier to clean and keep up with.

However, training a dog can be very difficult and even with a fully trained pet, there will still be some amount of pet hairs getting on the furniture and into places you’d least expect.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Our best tip is to make a regular cleaning schedule. Even when you have trained your dog to stay off of the couch and recliners, it doesn’t mean that hair isn’t floating around the room.

By vacuuming regularly, wiping surfaces, and restricting their access to certain areas, you can keep most of the hair down to a minimum. However, there are always those breeds that shed more than others.

For these types of pets, you’re going to need to clean daily. For others, who shed less, you can get away with cleaning a few times a week. Either way, to keep your furniture free of pet hair, you’re going to have to stay regular with your cleaning.

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How to Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Keeping pet hair off of furniture is only half the battle. You are still going to have pet hair building up throughout the house and collecting on pieces of furniture. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to remove pet hair from furniture.

1.     Vacuum as Much as You Can

Vacuuming up pet hair is one of the best and most effective ways to remove pet hair from furniture. Always vacuum with the grain of the material you are working with. Vacuums are also great for getting into small crevices and places that are hard to reach otherwise.

2.     Use a Lint Brush or Roller

Much like a vacuum, a simple lint brush can help remove pet hair from furniture and other surfaces that have cloth. A lint brush works great for getting the small hairs off of something after you have vacuumed.

3.     Use a Wet Cloth

You can use a wet cloth on certain materials to wipe cat and dog hair off of the surface. Make sure that the material you are wiping is water safe. You don’t want to ruin your favorite suede chair!

4.     Fabric Softer

This is a great trick for removing pet hair from furniture. You can use dryer sheets to wipe away pet hair or diluted liquid fabric softer with a washcloth. Once again, make sure that the material you are cleaning with liquid softer is safe to clean this way.

5.     The Rubber Glove Method

Another method for removing pet hair is to use a rubber glove. To do this, you should wet the glove with water and slide your hand across the surface of your furniture to remove unwanted pet hair and debris.

The hair will stick to the glove, allowing you to easily clean pet hair from many of the surfaces around your home.

6.     Use a Balloon

Another method, a little more exciting, is to blow up a balloon and rub it across the surfaces of your furniture. The static will cause the hair to stick to the balloon, making it easy to remove hard-to-get hairs that may be too small to pick up with other methods.

7.     The Sponge Method

Just like with other tips we have mentioned, you can wet a sponge with just a small amount of water and use it to wipe surfaces clean. This is great for pet hair that accumulates on glass surfaces, such as night stands, and coffee tables.

You can also use it on surfaces that are water safe, such as certain fabrics and certain types of wood. For wood surfaces that are not water friendly, you can consider wetting your sponge with vinegar.

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Stay on Top of Your Pet’s Medical Conditions

When it comes to our pets, keeping them healthy is one of the most important parts of raising them. Health conditions can cause pets to lose more fur than normal, which is why you should always have them checked up regularly.

If your pet is losing an unusual amount of hair, or fur, check their skin for things like fleas, mites, lice, fungal infections, and more.


Staying up to date with your pet’s health and checkups can stop problems before they get out of hand. Not being well is bad for your pet, and will cost you more money in the long run in emergency vet bills.

Change Your Air Filters

Pet hair is constantly floating around the house. We see it in the air, breathe it in accidentally, and find its way into the most annoying places. Changing your air filters more often can help manage a little bit of the pet hair that is floating in the air.

Changing your air filter every three months can dramatically help the air quality in your home, however, if you have a lot of pet hair and dander, then you may want to consider changing your air filter every other month.

How to Keep Pet Hair off Your Couch

For many families, the couch is a place to gather, talk, and enjoy entertainment. Unfortunately, couches can be a magnet for dog and cat hair.

Since our pets are also considered family, many people like to allow them to sit on the couch with them. While this may be fine for pets that shed a minimal amount, this is probably not going to work for anyone with pets that shed more than normal.

To keep pet hair off of your couch, avoid letting your pets jump onto the couch. Try to place a doggy bed nearby. This will allow most of the hair to stay contained to their bed and designated area.

Many people also use coverings for their couches. Some find that plastic is a good covering, it keeps the couch from getting stains, it makes cleaning pet hair easy, and it keeps your couch in better condition, for longer.

Other materials are also available for coverings such as fabrics. One of the best parts of a fabric couch cover is that you can wash it! Washing the couch cover once or twice a week will reduce the amount of pet hair that accumulates on your couch.

Conclusion: How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture?

We put a lot of money into buying furniture that we love. Many of our favorite spots to sit and relax are like sanctuaries for us. By keeping up with a few best practices, we can help eliminate pet hair from these locations. So, How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture?

Only cleaning once a week may not do the trick. You may need to clean multiple times per week, to once per day. While you won’t be able to keep every last hair off your furniture, you can keep it from building up over time and becoming something you don’t even want to deal with. So now you know How to Keep Pet Hair Off Furniture.

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