Can Indoor Rabbits Get Flystrike?

How Do I Know If My Rabbit Has Flystrike

Many people are curious about whether indoor rabbits can get flystrike. This article will explore the question and answer it once and for all! So, can indoor rabbits get flystrike? Yes, indoor rabbits can get flystrike, but it is less common. Outdoor rabbits are more likely to suffer from flystrike due to the increased exposure … Read more

Do Rabbits Get Cold At Night? (True Facts)

How Do I Know If My Rabbit Is Cold

Rabbits are cold-blooded animals and depend on the environment to maintain their body temperature. Typically, they spend most of their time in burrows or other places that offer a buffer against extreme changes in temperatures. But do rabbits get cold at night? Well, this depends on a few factors which we’ll talk about shortly. At … Read more

How Often Should I Feed My Bunny?

Can You Overfeed A Rabbit

How often should I feed my bunny? Feed your bunnies 2 times daily and preferably in the morning and evening. Ensure you give them the proper diets, which should be made up of unlimited access to grass or hay. It’s worth noting that rabbits love to eat all the time – and left for them, … Read more