What Are the Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets

Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets

Do you know why pets are called friends who keep you young? Researchers say that owning a pet can get you hundreds of health benefits. Among all the options, the best rabbit breeds for pets can bring great companionship to humans.

Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets

Cuddling their furry body can calm your mind keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Their playful personality will lighten up your mood after a hectic day at work. Hence, out of many, we have shortlisted the 9 best rabbit breeds for pets to make your hunt easier. Let’s get started. 

Why Do Rabbits Make Great Pets?

Rabbits are an excellent choice to keep as a pet for multiple reasons. They play around as cheerfully as a cat. Also, they are cuddly, just like a dog but don’t get aggressive like it. Also, you won’t have to take them out for daily walks.

According to a recent study, around 1 million UK households have pet different rabbit breeds domestically from 2021 to 2022. Several aspects make rabbits a superior pet choice. Keeping noisy pets will not be a good idea if you reside in a small place. However, you can fulfill your desire to pet an animal through a rabbit, as they are quiet creatures. 

You also get to choose the nature of these animals per your expectations. For example, many rabbits are full of life; they love playing and hopping around. On the other hand, some have a shy nature and prefer relaxation over enjoyment. Yet, regardless of their personality, you will find all the rabbits cuddly and friendly. 

9 Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets 

Here is a list of 9 Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets. Read this list of Best Rabbit Breeds for Pets to learn about it.


The Californian rabbit breed dates back to the 1920s. It all started with the cross-breeding of New Zealand Whites, Himalayans, and Chinchillas. The breeder’s motive behind this experiment was to develop a superior meat breed.

However, little did he know it would become one of the best rabbit breeds for pets. These rabbits are medium-sized with soft fur all over their body. You will love spending fun hours with these cute little creatures. They are cuddly and will leap into your lap to snuggle comfortably. 

Moreover, Californian rabbits love to play with toys, making them a perfect pet for your little ones. Their gentle behavior spreads joy uniquely. Although introverted, they don’t take much time to mingle if you are affectionate towards them. 

Holland Lops 

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Holland Lops are among the most affectionate, calm, and intelligent rabbit breeds. They are very active. Hence, you should only pet them if your house has enough space for them to exercise their body and brain. They will lose their friendly nature if you don’t fulfill their basic space requirements. 

These rabbits are the smallest lop-eared breed, with an average weight of only two pounds. Since they are smaller and lightweight, they make an ideal choice for youngsters. They also love playing with bunny-safe toys. Hence, your kids will have a perfect companion for their playtime. 

Holland Lops didn’t exist before the 1940s until the Dutch breeders decided to mate French Lops with Netherland Dwarfs. Since both species were generous, the experiment successfully created one of the best rabbit breeds for pets. 


You might find it hard to realize the difference between Himalayan and Californian breeds. They both have strikingly similar resemblances. However, Himalayans are a bit smaller in size. Their weight is also lower, around 2.5 to 4 pounds. 

They have a friendly nature; petting these rabbits can positively change your life. You can cuddle them on bad days to feel loved. The adorable actions of these rabbits will leave you in awe of them. 

However, they prefer living in quiet environments. Too much hustling can leave them restless. Hence, you should never hand them to naughty kids.

They are preferable for elder kids who can responsibly handle them. Thus, with a gentle temperament and warm attitude, these rabbits can be your ultimate companions. 

Flemish Rabbit

Do you know Flemish Rabbits are the oldest and longest breeds? They came into existence in 1893. However, their popularity touched the skies during the early 1900s. Various rabbit shows frequently spotted this breed during that period. 

They are often regarded as Gentle Giants because of their peaceful nature. You may find them aggressive at the start. Yet, it is relatively easy to win over them with proper care and gentle handling. Moreover, they are one of the best rabbit breeds for pets once they get used to your affection. 

However, caring for them requires some extra effort. For example, you should avoid placing them in wire mesh cages. It can lead to body lesions as they are heavier. You should also protect them from extreme weather conditions as they are susceptible to heat. 

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The soft fur of Rex rabbits makes them one of the best rabbit breeds for pets. These rabbits have a perfect velvety texture thanks to shorter hair on their body surface.

You will love snuggling these medium-sized creatures on your lap. Moreover, their weight is also moderate ranging between 7 to 10 pounds. 

You will find their history pretty interesting as breeders discovered their mating species from a wild rabbits’ group in France. Only selective rabbits from the litter coupled to create the Rex rabbits. It preserved their plush coat while domesticating them to keep as a pet. 

You can quickly form a bond with them as they are highly cordial with everyone. They have a docile nature, making them a perfect choice to keep at home.

However, you should not restrict them to a single place as they love exploring new areas. Although Rex is luxury rabbit, you won’t have to put extra effort into its maintenance.

Mini Lop 

Just like Holland Lops, Mini Lops are also one of the best rabbit breeds for pets. You will adore cuddling these little creatures. Their size might not be huge, but their personality will significantly impact you.

You can train them to run, fetch, and jump. This training won’t take long as they are highly adaptable to their environments.

Moreover, they will love to please you with their cute antics. These rabbits aren’t as older as other breeds, as American Rabbit Breeder’s Association accepted them officially in 1980. However, they were created a decade before their acceptance. 

Breeders cross-mated the German Lops with Chinchilla rabbits intending to enhance the attractiveness of German Lops. They got the best results in the form of Mini Lops, which you can find in several patterns, including solid and broken ones. 

Mini Rex 

Do you love the plush coat of Rex, but their larger size stops you from petting them? In that case, Mini Rex can fulfill your heartfelt desire. They are smaller in length, with a weight ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. 

They were created in the US during the late 1980s. The primary thought was to preserve the soft Rex coat but reduce its size to that of a dwarf rabbit. This breed is highly energetic than the large-sized Rex. 

Moreover, you will receive a similar level of friendliness from them. They love playing around with the bunny-safe toys. If you think you can limit these rabbits to a smaller space, then it’s not possible. Although smaller, they require plenty of room to bring out their playful nature. 

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

The Netherland Dwarf is one of the tiniest rabbits, weighing only 1.1–2.5 pounds. These rabbits are a domestic breed in the Netherlands. Their neotenic look may contribute to their fame as a pet or show rabbit.

These rabbits like to stay with trustworthy people. Also, they would do best in a calm environment where they don’t see many children around them. Even though they are relatively small, these rabbits love running around the house.

Again, these traits make them unfit as children’s pets as they are too shy to be trusted with young ones. However, adults, especially those with physical issues, can benefit from having a Netherland Dwarf rabbit as a pet.


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Our last choice in the list of the best rabbit breeds for pets is the Lionhead. They are a modern breed with an average weight of 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. You will love snuggling their furry bodies to relax. The thick, wooly mane around their neck distinguishes them from other rabbit breeds.

They are highly affectionate, but you may find it challenging to pet them being a first-time rabbit owner. Only an experienced owner can deal with their nervous behavior to calm them down. That’s how they can bring out their playful personality. 

However, if you decide to pet this breed, you should know a few essential things. Since their face is flatter, these rabbits are more likely to suffer from health issues. Therefore, you must take extra care of them. 

Wrapping Up 

To cut to the chase, this is all about the 9 best rabbit breeds for pets that are highly affectionate. While they make excellent pets, you must remember that each has an individual personality.

They will like certain things and display disapproval of others. Hence, you must care for these factors to get the most out of rabbits as a pet. 

Rabbits are low-maintenance pets that bring great joy to you without expecting much in return. Yet, you should make them feel comfortable to enjoy their affection.

So, are you still waiting to bring these cute little creatures home? You can choose any of these rabbits to pet and enjoy endless benefits. Visit ownyourpet to learn more.

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