Do Guinea Pigs Like Stuffed Animals?

Do Guinea Pigs Like Stuffed Animals

Although guinea pigs are very sociable and playful pets, you need to find out if it likes stuffed animals before getting your guinea pig one. This is because guinea pigs are animals and can’t respond to things the way humans do.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Stuffed Animals

A cute stuffed animal is one of the play items you would get for other pets like cats or dogs, but do guinea pigs like stuffed animals? Yes, guinea pigs like stuffed animals, and we’ll discuss why in this article.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Stuffed Animals?

Although guinea pigs are known to love soft toys and can get real snuggly with their owners, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will love stuffed animals.

However, providing the right toys that help to make your pet feel loved and safe is the whole point of owning a pet.

There are some factors that affect the length of time it takes a guinea pig is to become comfortable with cuddling up a stuffed animal, and some of them are their breed and personality.

For example, breeds like the Teddy guinea pig and Texel guinea pig become comfortable and start playing and cuddling with the toy the moment they get it. But some other breeds may take more time before they become comfortable with the toys.

So the big question: Do guinea pigs like stuffed animals? The straight answer to this is yes, guinea pigs like playing stuffed animals!

Guinea pigs are very playful and would definitely enjoy playing with a stuffed animal. Giving a stuffed animal to your guinea pig will help to elevate its loneliness, especially if it’s a single guinea pig. They will use it as a pillow; they will chew and even hump on it.

You can offer all that excitement and interactions to your guinea pig with a stuffed animal, which is very inexpensive, and your guinea pig will enjoy playing with it for a long time.

Before giving any stuffed animal to your guinea pig, you need to make sure that every tag or thread has been cut off the toy; you don’t want your guinea pig to chewing or ingesting any part of the tag because it could lead to choking.

Also, make sure that the stuffed animal is made from safe and non-toxic materials and also make sure that the eyes of the stuffed animal are not buttons, glass, or plastic, or remove them if they are.

Also, make sure that the eyes of the stuffed animal are sewn, not glued, before giving it to your guinea pig.

Types Of Stuffed Toys You Can Give Your Guinea Pig

Stuffed Toys You Can Give Your Guinea Pig

There are different types of stuffed toys you can give your guinea pig; many of them you can even make yourself.

1. Stuffed Paper Bags

use either a small to medium-sized paper bag and use a hole puncher or scissors to create small openings in the body of the paper bag and fill up the paper bag with hay, herbs, or clover and crinkle it shut. This stuffed paper bag will provide hours of fun for your guinea pig.

2. Stuffed Cardboard

Do not use white cardboard rolls for this stuffed toy because they have been bleach, and you don’t want your pet ingesting that. Only use untreated brown cardboard paper towel or toilet paper roll.

Before using cardboard paper as a toy for your guinea pig, you want to remove as much adhesive residue on the cardboard first. Then stuff the cardboard roll with some hay and place it inside the guinea pig’s cage.

When your guinea pig munch on the hay and cardboard, it will help to groom their teeth as well as keep them entertained.

You can also go ahead and place a small piece of treat in the middle of the hay inside of the tube as an extra incentive.

Watch this video:

3. Stuffed Socks

If you have any mismatched socks lying around, you can use it to make a stuffed toy for your guinea pig. Before using a sock, run it through the washer to make sure it is clean and then stuff it with timothy hay.

Then tie off the end of the sock using a piece of thread of wool. If it’s a long sock, you can tie it around itself.

Then using a knife or scissor create some holes in different areas of the sock. Stick a bit of hay through the holes you created so that your guinea pig has something to pull on and place it inside your guinea pig’s cage.

You can also stick a treat in the middle of the sock as well. Your guinea pigs will definitely love this stuffed toy and will enjoy pulling it around and playing with it like a ball. Keep an eye on the sock and remove it from the cage once it gets dirty.

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Conclusion: Do Guinea Pigs Like Stuffed Animals?

Do Guinea Pigs Like Stuffed Animals? It’s not just about finding the answer to whether or not guinea pigs like stuffed animals, but also try to pay attention to the physical reaction of your guinea pig. If it seems frightened by the item, take it away.

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