How Low Do Hamsters Live?

How Low Do Hamsters Live?

Is it confusing you to know how low do hamsters live? Do you want to know all about your hamster friend`s lifespan? Don’t have a lot on your mind; we have shared your burden. This article will explain everything about the life of your hamster. So, get into it and find more exciting and thought-provoking things about your hammy.

How Low Do Hamsters Live?

How Can You Determine the Age of Hamsters?

Estimating the actual age of a hamster is not easy. But as the hamsters get older, generally, their fur becomes thinner and finer. It usually happens when hamsters are more than one year old. Plus, older hamsters are also dull, tired, and less active. So you will find them in an exercise wheel less often.

Life Cycle of Hamsters

Hamsters are undoubtedly lovable. They do not live for an extended period, but the time spent with a hamster provides you with great memories. As they are not long-lived, they quickly grow and move through their life stages.

At birth, hamsters are deaf and blind without any fur. Newborn hamsters are highly vulnerable, and they are called “pups.”

After five days, they start to grow with fur, and after two weeks, they slowly open their eyes. Usually, they stay with their mothers for 21 to 28 days and reach sexual maturity at 4-6 weeks of age. On average, they live almost 18-36 months. A hamster of one year and a half is regarded as elderly.  

How Low Do Hamsters Live as a Pet?

It is a fact that pet hamsters live more than wild hamsters due to their care and protection. Hamsters’ lifespan depends on a lot of variables. In general, hamsters do not live more than 3 years.

The lifespan of hammies as a pet differs between their breeds. In this article on how low do hamsters live, we will discuss specifics on individual breeds.

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How Low Do Syrian Hamsters Live?

In our discussion on how low do hamsters live, first of all, we will talk about Syrian hamsters. They are also known as teddy bear hamsters or Golden hamsters. They are undoubtedly one of the most liked and popular breeds.

Usually, Syrian hamsters live about 2-3 years. The longest-living Syrian hamster that is scientifically documented lived 3.9 years.

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How Low Do Dwarf Hamsters Live?

Dwarf hamsters have differences from the other breeds of this mammal. Generally, Dwarf hamsters have a shorter lifespan in contrast to other hamster creatures. On average, a Siberian Dwarf hamster lives between 18-24 months in captivity.

How Low Do Robo Hamsters Live?

In the article on how low do hamsters live, our next discussion is Robo hamsters. They are also known as Roborovski Dwarf hamsters. They are the smallest family breed of hamsters and are adapted to high desert conditions.

Generally, they live a little bit longer than the other Dwarf varieties. Robo hamsters’ lifespan is approximately 3-3.5 years.

How Low Do Chinese Hamsters Live?

If we talk about Chinese hamsters, their lifespan is 2-3 years. Another name for them is “Striped hamsters.” They are also known as Striped Dwarf hamsters or Chinese Striped hamsters. These mammals are not true dwarves, but they are called so because of their size and resemblance with dwarf hamsters.

How Low Do Russian Hamsters Live?

Now, in our discussion on how low do hamsters live, we will discuss Russian hamsters. There are two main types of Russian hamsters. They are divided into Russian Winter White Dwarf hamsters and Campbell’s Russian Dwarf hamsters.

For each class, the Russian Dwarf hamster’s lifespan is almost 16 months – 2 years.

Factors that Affect Hamsters’ Lifespan

Some specific things are entirely up to you to consider for your hamster`s long lifespan. Like how well your hamster is fed, his health, stress levels, etc. if you consider all these factors, you can enjoy a better time with your pet baby. Let’s see how to manage all these elements to check how low do hamsters live.


Diet is essential for your hammy friend. A proper diet is more important than exercise, which is valid for hamsters and other animals. What you eat has more impact than what you do. That is why your hamster’s feed must be high-quality, and any treats must be safe.

Feeding a pet with a proper diet is indeed a costly task. As of 2020, the sales of mammal food in Canada were approximately 15 million Canadian dollars. But no need to fret about your hamster`s diet.  In general, hamsters can eat anything, with some exceptions. You can treat them with some types of meat, fruit, bread, nuts & peanuts, and vegetables.

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The breed of an animal plays a vital role in its lifespan. You know that different species of hamsters have different life spans. You can choose your hamster’s breed when you go to have them from a pet store.

Of all the available hammies, you should probably pick one of them according to your choice.

Moreover, there are specific differences in the genetics of all hamster breeds. Generally, you can pick from Russian hamsters, Dwarf hamsters, Chinese hamsters, Robo hamsters, and Syrian hamsters. So, be careful about choosing a breed; it definitely impacts your pet’s age, health, and potential.

Habitat and Cleanliness

As for cleanliness, the hamster`s cage must be spick and span. A hamster is a clean animal, and he doesn’t smell. The only thing about the bad smell is the hamster`s pee corner that he uses to pee.

Mostly, it’s okay to change your hamster’s bedding once a week. Make sure you use suitable bedding options, like soft paper bedding. 

Now, it’s up to you to focus on how low do your hamsters live. The more you care for his cleanliness, the more he becomes healthy and active. Besides, provide your hamster with a broad and large cage to live in. It affects the physical growth and health of your pet.


Your hamster needs plenty of exercise along with other precautions throughout his life. Notably, young hamsters have a tremendous amount of energy, just like toddler humans. They want to explore everything, see the objects at once, and sniff the other things. So it is mandatory for a healthy hamster to exercise on a hamster wheel

This exercise will allow your hamster to run as much as his tiny feet can carry his burden. You can see hamsters always run in the wild and get incredible reflexes. They have to do this to stay alive and active.

On the other hand, another option for exercise is to give your hamster proper time outside the cage. It means you use an exercise ball that your hammy can use to tour your home. He can explore more ground than he can in his cell. It’s also a more intense and better workout than his regular running wheel.

Plus, hiding the toys is also a good task for your hamster. This activity gives your hamster something to do and keeps him away from the local cage bars. A hamster without exercise will become obese and irritable. It is neither good for your hamster nor you as an owner. 

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If you want good health and long life for your hammy, don’t let him under the pump. He can quickly get stressed out, just like a human being. As stress impacts your health, it can seriously affect your pet baby`s health as time goes on. A less stressful life is the surety of a more enjoyable and longer life. 

You can gently remove or minimize stress from your hamster’s life. Place them in a quiet and safe space in your home. You should habitat them where they do not see much foot traffic or noise.

The viable choices for them are a corner table in the room, a home office, and even the dining room. It will keep them calm and groom their sense of well-being sharply.

Apart from it, don’t allow people to handle your hamster without your permission. Your hamster can feel nervous and disturbed by the treatment of strangers. Another step to keep stress away from your hamster is to handle them gently.

Even in a playful and exciting mood, make slow movements for touching and holding them. 


Next, in our discussion on how low do hamsters live, we`ll highlight the caring process of your hamster baby. The quality of protection and care your hammy receives will impact its growth and overall lifespan. You should schedule veterinarian checkups along with proper habitat, food, and exercise opportunities. 

You must go to a vet for better care of your hamster once or twice a year. Don’t leave your pet in its habitat unobserved for more than a few hours. Check and observe them very often whenever you are at your home. 

Final Thoughts- How Low Do Hamsters Live

If you are passionately interested in how low do hamsters live, easy does it. We have explained every aspect of your hamster`s life. Do you want to enjoy more time with your little friend? Do focus on the breed, care, food, and exercise of your hammy, as all these impact a lot. 

Also, consider the breed before adopting a hamster because its lifespan depends upon it. Hopefully, these informative guidelines will make it simple to keep your pet baby happy and healthy.

Lastly, remember that the more efforts you make to be a hamster parent, the better results you find. Visit ownyourpet to learn more.

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