Fun Facts- Do Ferrets Make Good Pets: The Pros and Cons

Fun Facts- Do Ferrets Make Good Pets: The Pros and Cons

Want to adopt a ferret as a pet but wondering do ferrets make good pets? Most people want to own a ferret pet, but confused do ferrets make good pets. Are they suitable pets for them?  You are not alone here who is facing this problem.

Fun Facts- Do Ferrets Make Good Pets: The Pros and Cons

You should know the pros and cons of having a ferret as a pet so that you can easily handle your pet. You are in luck with this article, “Do Ferrets Make Good Pets” you will find your solution to this problem. Let’s get started!

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

Do ferrets make good pets? It depends on you. But my answer is “yes,” as they are quiet, happy, well-handled, and easy to feed. They are very energetic and always ready to play with you. They need your attention daily. 

Ferrets are better than cats and dogs, as ferrets shed less dander than cats and dogs. Ferrets also cause fewer reactions in people with allergies. But on the other hand, they are expensive, can bite in certain conditions, and have a smell and are expensive as mentioned above.
Before adopting any pet, ask yourself for which purpose you own it. Then you will know that it is a good pet for you.

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets? Pros and Cons

I had 3 ferrets in my home as pets. No doubt, ferrets are cute, playful, loving, and incredibly curious pets. But, with the passage of time, I realized I should have researched about them before getting ferrets as pets, as I was unaware of some cons of ferrets.

Ferrets need proper care. They have an average lifetime of 8-10 years if you properly take care of them. Before owning a ferret as a pet, please read this post to know its pros and cons, as I have properly cleared your doubts about how do ferrets make good pets.

List of Pros of Having Ferrets as Pets

This is a list of pros to ensure the answer to Do Ferrets Make Good Pets.

Ferrets Have High Levels of Energy

Ferrets are always energetic and have high levels of energy all the time. When you add ferrets to your family as new members, remember that they need to burn their excessive energy daily. So, how would we help them? Here we go!

You should play with your ferret for at least 2 hours daily, as they have plenty of energy. Add tunnels, ramps, and toys that will allow them to play independently when you cannot give them proper playtime.

Ferrets Don’t Need a Large Area to Live 

According to Wikipedia, ferrets are about 20 inches; they weigh 0.7 and 2.0 kg. Their fur might be black, brown, white, or a mixture of these colors. Male ferrets are relatively larger than female ferrets. They are small pets, so they don’t require any large area to sleep and live.

Tall cages with multiple levels are perfect ferret cages, so they still don’t take up a large area of your room. Ferrets don’t need large cages, although the bigger, the better.

Ferrets are Playful and Entertaining

Ferrets are a source of entertainment for their owner, as they are playful and mischievous. Ferrets love to play hide and seek. These little entertaining ferrets give you time full of pleasure. They will run out whenever you try to catch them, and it will be enjoyable to catch them. You will surely feel you’re over the moon.

Playing with your ferret after a busy, hectic day will automatically lift your mood up. Having more than one ferret is a good idea, as you will enjoy watching them playing together. Ferrets can provide you with hours of entertainment.

They Don’t Thunder

Ferrets are quiet animals, and this is their plus point. They don’t make a noise and don’t disturb you as other pets do. They can also vocalize. If they are frightened or injured, they will make a noise. Additionally, they sleep 14-18 hours a day.

Continue reading carefully if you really wanna the answer to Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

Ferrets are Easy to Train

Most ferrets have trained to be handled by humans when sold. Ferrets are brilliant animals, easy to train, teach tricks and quickly pick up new behavior. Typically it is challenging to train an adult pet-like dog, but you can efficiently train an adult ferret. 

You can quickly teach your ferret some exciting techniques and use the bathroom whenever needed. Just be patient and consistent with the training of your ferret. After a couple of weeks, your ferret will start learning the tricks you are teaching. 

If you own a ferret from an experienced/licensed breeder in your community, it may be trained already. And you will have only fewer issues with training.

Ferrets are Easy to Feed

There is a variety of good quality ferret food available at pet shops. Pre-made ferret food is also available at pet stores and online retailers. Use high-quality ferret food to ensure that your ferret is taking proper nutrition.

Remember, never feed your ferrets with dog food. They love meat treats. Fresh water must be available to your ferret all the time. You can also consult your vet for the best diet plan.

Ferrets Are Very Social Animals

Ferrets are very social animals; you should have more than one ferret, as a single ferret can feel depressed. Experts say that you should have 3 ferrets and that if one dies due to cancer or other condition, others may not feel lonely or depressed.

If you leave them lonely for an extended period and don’t interact with them daily, their lifetime decreases. Once you learn about its handling, you will realize that they are very social animals. They need constant companionship.

Read the cons carefully to know Do Ferrets Make Good Pets.

List of Cons Having Ferret as a Pet

This is a list of cons to ensure the answer to Do Ferrets Make Good Pets.

They Can Bite You In Certain Conditions

Ferrets are not suitable pets for children as they like to bite in certain conditions. You will need to be very careful in selecting your ferret. Biting is their normal behavior so help them learn you won’t accept this behavior. When you handle it too roughly, it may bite you.

Watch this video to know Do Ferrets Make Good Pets:

Ferrets Need a Lot of Freedom

Ferrets love to play and enjoy freedom. If you don’t find them where you saw them last time, they may be hidden or escaped. They hide under the furniture and love to explore. Keep all your doors and windows closed all the time. 

You might lose your pet if it finds a way to escape. You will need to shut down all your escaping areas all year long to prevent your ferret from being explored. It would be great to make them stay in their house. Their cage, obviously!

Ferrets Smell Bad

Ferrets smell bad to most people. Animal lovers don’t feel this scent is awful but intense. Some describe it as musky, but I think the smell of strong artificial chocolate is the closest way to describe it.

If you don’t wash and dry one thoroughly for at least one hour before traveling, you may feel embarrassed to smell this bad in public. People don’t like to smell anything bad.

Ferrets Pop A lot

Usually, ferrets pop at least 10 times daily, and the consistency is like brown toothpaste. They have concise digestive tracts; you can’t stop them from going as much. Not all ferrets can be litter-trained; maybe they go outside the litter tray most of the time.

You have to put the tray in the corner where they like to pop. It would be best to clean your ferret’s dirty tray regularly, as it can not be used if it is dirty. 

Ferrets Like to Collect Things

Ferrets like to collect things. They steal balls of yarn, keys, and sometimes the remote control whenever they get the chance. They will explore everywhere you allow them to go. Whatever they find to be attractive, they collect in their cage.

Ferrets are High-Maintenance Pet

Ferrets require high maintenance if you want to add them to your home as a pet. It can be challenging for you to find someone who cares for them. You will need to feed them 3 to 4 times daily to ensure that they receive proper nutrition.

If you try to place all of their food in their cage, it may cause illness, as ferrets love to eat a lot. You will need to clean their cage after every 2 to 3 days. Adopting a ferret is a big responsibility; ensure that you can adequately take care of a ferret.

The Vet Bills Are Expensive

Ferrets are not popular as pets in most countries, so owning them as pets is a big responsibility and an expensive challenge. Before adopting them as pets, you should have significant savings for them. They are very prone to genetic diseases—especially cancer, and their treatment is costly.

Final Words: Do Ferrets Make Good Pets

The article “Do Ferrets Make Good Pets: The Pros and Cons” tell you if the ferret is the perfect pet for you or not. I have spent hours researching, and on behalf of my experience with my ferrets as pets, I have explained some of the essential pros and cons of having ferrets as pets.

I hope this post, “Do Ferrets Make Good Pets: The Pros and Cons,” proved beneficial to you. Let us know in the comments, and visit ownyourpet to learn more about ferrets and other pets.

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