How to Treat Guinea Pig Eye Infection at Home

How to Treat Guinea Pig Eye Infection at Home

Are you worried about seeing an eye infection in your guinea pig? Give a fig to this tension. This article on how to treat guinea pig eye infections at home will greatly help you. Now you can cure your pig`s eye infection without a vet. Like many other exotic pets, guinea pigs are also sensitive and prone to eye problems. So, let’s read the article and find the solutions.

How to Treat Guinea Pig Eye Infection at Home

How to Apply Eye Drops in your Pig’s Eyes? 

You can easily apply eye drops to your pig’s eyes and cure them. Place your guinea pig on your lap, attentively keep the eyelid open, then use the eye drops. Of course, it must be above so your buddy can’t see the scary dropper coming towards it.

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Guinea Pig Eye Infection Symptoms

Eyes are susceptible structures, and their issues can present with similar symptoms. Problems with the eyes can spread quickly, and it is important to start timely treatment. Treatment for the sore eye depends on the cause and symptoms of the problem. If you notice eye infection symptoms in guinea pigs, no need to fret, you can treat it at home. 

Cloudiness or Redness

One of the significant symptoms of eye infection in your guinea pig is a cloudy appearance of the eye. If your pet baby has a corneal ulcer, you may observe a bit of redness or cloudiness in his eye. A corneal ulcer is basically a defect in the layer of your guinea pig`s eyes, known as the cornea.

Scratching, Frequent Pawing, or Closed Eye

Focus on the condition of your guinea pig. It signals a serious problem if it paws at its eye and rubs it on the ground. It can also keep its eyes closed in case of severe pain. The pain from this ulcer can cause your pig to stop eating and even develop an ileus. So, don`t take these symptoms for granted.


The next most obvious symptom of guinea pig eye infection is inflammation. It must have an infection if it’s swelling or inflammation from its eyes. Your guinea pig can have redness called conjunctivitis in case of eye infection. Further, your pig may have a disease if it loses hair around its infected eye. 

Constant Tearing

Let’s talk about another prominent symptom of guinea pig eye infection. It is the constant tearing of eyes. No doubt, eye discharge is a normal thing for guinea pigs. But, if you find it constantly, that can be harmful. You must consider it serious because it’s an infarction rather than normal secretion. 

Crusty Eyes 

The most common symptom of guinea pig eye infection, which is also found in human beings, is crusty eyes. If you see your pig with crusty eyes, it signifies a serious problem related to its eyes. Plus, that issue can indicate an upper respiratory infection which is also dangerous for your pet`s health. 

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What does a Guinea Pig Eye Infection Look Like?

Do you love your guinea pig with all your heart and soul? If yes, you should know the health condition of your pet friend from its appearance. Bacterial or viral infections can lead to conjunctivitis in your guinea pigs. You can estimate these problems with the sensitive condition of the pig`s eyes.

Additionally, the symptoms can include a sore, red-looking, or swollen eye. And you may find an ocular discharge of white, yellow, or green liquid in your pig. Further, your guinea pig can feel trouble breathing with sneezes. The nasal discharge and off its food are also some apparent indications. 

You can face some serious complications from untreated eye infections in guinea pigs. It can result in vision loss or total blindness in your pet. In addition, guinea pig eye infection can harm the nerves that control eye movement. It can lead to damaged eye movement, facial numbness, and seeing double.

Further, you can learn more from this video to treat your pig.

Are Guinea Pig Eye Infections Contagious?

Frankly speaking, guinea pig eye infection is contagious. If your piggy is suffering from an eye disease or some kind of infection, be conscious. You can get pinky or reddish eyes with the interaction of your infected guinea pig. So, don’t touch your eyes after handling your eye-infected guinea pig. It is contagious and can harm you. 

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Over the Counter Eye Drops for Guinea Pigs

After removing the hay or dust particles, you can treat the hay poke with over-the-counter eye drops. Experts found Optrex Infected Eye Drops and Colloidal Liquid as eye drops. People apply these drops in pigs` eyes, especially to fight against infections and reduce inflammation. 

Moreover, you can find these over-the-counter eye drops easily in the market. Don`t use eye drops intended for human beings on guinea pigs unless your veterinarian has recommended a specific brand. Use the eye drops carefully. The trick for treating your pig with eyedrops is to keep the eye dropper where your pet can’t see it.

Saline Solution for Guinea Pig Eyes 

Saline is a saltwater solution and an emergency kit to treat a wide range of guinea pigs’ issues. Saline is necessary in case hay pieces or dust particles are stuck in guinea pig eyes. In such situations, flush out your guinea pig eye with saline. Gently wipe around and under the eyelid to overcome the problem. 

However, you can use cotton buds soaked in a saline solution and wipe your pig`s eye area. Saline is also helpful in cleaning small wounds. If your pet is wounded, just wet a cotton pad in this saline solution and mop gently over the wound. Avoid too much pressure and handle all injuries with care.

Apart from that, you can purchase a sterile saline solution at any pharmacy. You can also make a saline solution at home for your pig. Take a pinch or a teaspoon of common salt and dilute it in warm water. Mix it until the salt is completely dissolved in the water. Be careful about the quantity of both things and use this solution confidently.


If you are still a bundle of nerves about your guinea pig eye infection, move on. We have sorted out your problem with this remarkable article on how to treat guinea pig eye infection at home. So, without wasting a while, follow these instructions and keep your baby pig healthy and sound. Visit ownyourpet to learn more.

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