Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters: Similarities and Differences

Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters: Similarities and Differences

Are you on the hunt for a pet at your home? Do you want a small pet because your home is small, or you don’t have many options? Have you considered Guinea pigs vs hamsters? If not, this article compares Guinea pigs vs Hamsters to help you decide which is the better pet for you.

Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters: Similarities and Differences

If you are looking for small pets, Guinea pigs and hamsters are your go-to, considering they don’t require a lot of space. One would need clarification about choosing between guinea pigs vs hamsters, but a detailed overview may help you choose the best. Both pets have pros and cons that depend on your specific needs.

Guinea pig vs Hamster: Can Both be Kept in the Same Habitat?

The nature of both pets is as different as chalk and cheese. You cannot keep them in the same enclosures under any circumstances. Guinea pigs are social animals and active during the day. On the other hand, hamsters, being nocturnal pets, are better when alone and are primarily active during the night.
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Guinea Pig vs Hamster: Behaviour and Life Span

People usually choose hamsters as their first pet because of their compact size and ease of care. With proper training and socialization, hamsters can be cuddly and affectionate to their owners. But hamsters are known to be night owls; they are found running on their exercise wheels at night. These are also known to live for 2 to 3 years.

On the other hand, Guinea pigs live considerably longer, usually 4 to 8 years. Guinea pigs require more space considering their larger size. They are more social and can be kept with other guinea pigs in the same enclosure.

Guinea pigs sleep a lot during the day and night and remain active in between, so you can play with them anytime.

What’s Easier to Take Care of a Guinea Pig or a Hamster?

When it comes to guinea pigs vs hamsters supervising, both require the utmost care daily. Playtime, love, affection from owners, freshwater changes, and food provision are all part of the maintenance. Hamsters are known to adjust in small cages, while guinea pigs require more giant cells, knowing their larger size.

The enclosures of guinea pigs require thorough cleaning on alternate days at most, while hamsters require cleaning once or twice a week at the maximum. Moreover, guinea pigs demand a shower once a week to clean their fur.

Whereas exercise is a concern between Guinea pigs vs hamsters, it is an essential factor for both pets. It is because hamsters spend most of their time in their cage; you’ll need an exercise wheel and some toys to keep them entertained.

On the contrary, guinea pigs play with toys in cells and require time outside their cage to play and wander around.

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Do Guinea Pigs or Hamsters Smell Worse?

Where smell is concerned between guinea pigs and hamsters, both do not smell bad unless taken care of. Mainly, guinea pigs’ smell is dependent on the cleanliness done on a daily and weekly basis. Their crate and cages require proper cleaning to prevent unwanted odor, as they pee and poo a lot more than hamsters.

Guinea pigs are known to have self-grooming capabilities, they can clean themselves if the fur is small, and this requires less bathing than those with long hair. Guinea pigs with long coats have diminished the quality of cleanliness. When the pungent smell begins to develop, this may be a sign of a critical health issue.

Guinea Pig or Hamster for Child

Children adore pets, and many consider Guinea pigs vs. hamsters their first pets. They are small and cute, require less space, and are easy to handle. Both sizes are manageable and require less care than other pet animals. Pets are also an excellent tool to teach a sense of responsibility to children.

Before you get your hands on a pet from either of them, make sure the owners are committed. Moreover, the supervision of parents is ideal and imperative for both, that is, guinea pigs and hamsters. Both can bite you if mishandled and not taken care of. With gentle handling, they welcome your affection with open hands. 

Are Guinea Pigs or Hamsters More Affectionate?

If you are looking for a small pet that is more affectionate and loves to cuddle in guinea pigs vs hamsters, guinea pigs are a go-to. Guinea pigs are fragile and love to get human attention and affection. They love to be handled with care.

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On the contrary, hamsters are more shy pets. They are a cuter option but may not be the best way out for children. The reason is that they can bite if they feel threatened. However, if treated and handled with utmost care since they are small, they will love to be hugged and picked up when they become adults.

Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters: Overall Costs

Hamsters are a cheaper option than guinea pigs. Hamsters can cost up to $20, whereas guinea pigs may cost up to $50 to have one. The guinea pigs’ cages are also more costly than hamsters as they are more extensive.

Guinea pigs are expensive to keep because they need food frequently, whereas having a hamster will not cost you your kidneys. Guinea pigs also need access to a haystack in comparison to that hamsters. The vet costs also include guinea pigs may require frequent visits to one in contrast with hamsters.

Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters: An Overview

CharacteristicsGuinea PigsHamsters
SocializeMore affectionate and socialPrefer quiet and solitary environment
TrustDon’t require more time to know youNeed more time to understand owners
ActivityActive at dawn and duskActive during the night
Physical AffectionLove to be close to human affectionRequire daily affection to develop a habit for one
Level of aggressionThey do not biteMay bite if not handled properly or threatened

Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters: Youtube Video

To give you a brief overview with a better understanding of guinea pigs vs hamsters, we have attached a video to youtube. This will provide you with a better insight into which pet to get for your home.

Conclusion- Guinea Pigs vs Hamsters

In the end, choosing the best pet from Guinea pigs vs hamsters is your preference. They do have their needs and requirements based on gender and family. Both pets are good with children, but adult supervision is necessary to take their regular care and chores.

The age of children plays a vital role in the handling of pets. Although it develops in them a sense of responsibility, children do make some mistakes. Hamsters may not be an ideal choice for you as they may bite you if they feel threatened by anything.

I hope you’ve got the answers you were looking for in this article comparing guinea pigs vs hamsters. Visit ownyourpet to learn more.

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