Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Make Good Pets For Kids?

Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Make Good Pets For Kids?

Want to adopt a flemish giant rabbit pet for your kid? Wondering do flemish giant rabbits make good pets for kids? Well, you are on the right post. This article will help you answer all your questions so that petting flemish giant rabbits become a piece of cake. Flemish giant rabbits are large-sized rabbits with a double-chin appearance. So, Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the details.

Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Make Good Pets For Kids?

Are Flemish giant rabbits easy to train?

Yes, flemish giant rabbits are easy to train as they are intelligent pets. Like most other rabbits, you can teach them to use the litter box. Flemish giant rabbits are capable of learning new tricks and techniques. Their size allows them to live a safe life with other pets.

Are Flemish Giant Rabbits Good Pets?

Yes, flemish giant rabbits are good pets as they are intelligent, friendly, and docile, but till the time you keep them in a suitable condition. After that, they are less active and calmer pets. Flemish giant rabbits are called the “king of rabbits.”

This is because they are bigger than normal rabbits. Many people keep these flemish giant rabbits as their home pets. You will need to properly take care of your rabbit to give it a happy life. Your baby will be satisfied after having a calm pet.

They are beautiful pets with luxurious, lovely, and thick fur. Unfortunately, due to their immense size, they have thick nails; you will need to clip them every once in a while so that they can avoid the condition known as “sore hock.”

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How Big Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Get?

Flemish giant rabbits will be great if you consider adopting a big bunny. Their average weight is about 15 pounds (6.8 kg). These bunnies can have a length of 2.5-3.0 feet (76cm – 91cm). 

According to Statista, Flemish giant rabbits are the heaviest breed of rabbit. The Belgian Hare, the Rex du Poitou, and the Norman rabbit are the species that have approximately equivalent weight, which ranges from 3-4 kilograms. 

Flemish giant rabbits can have a length of 30 inches. The longest Flemish Giant rabbit recognized by Guinness World Records was 4 feet, 3 inches (1.3 meters) in size. The heaviest Flemish giant rabbit was 22 pounds, recorded by American Rabbit Breeders Association. 

These rabbits have long, muscular bodies along broad hindquarters. These rabbits are referred to as “semi-arch” breeds because of the slight but discernible arch in their spine. Flemish Giants have a dense, thick, and shiny “rollback” type coat.

Flemish Giant bucks and does have a variety of traits. Bucks have heads that are wider and larger. On the other hand, it does have a complete dewlap. These rabbits can take a year and a half to reach their level of maturity. 

Do Flemish Giants Like to be Held?

No, Flemish Giant rabbits don’t like to be held. They may bite you if you handle them inappropriately. Flemish giant rabbits also bite when they cannot escape from a situation. Finally, they may bite you when they are stroked for too long. 

They may vocalize when they feel unhappy or stressed. But they will not bite you if you hold them correctly. So make sure your rabbit is comfortable and supported at all times. Unfortunately, not everyone can hold these giant rabbits because they weigh around 15 pounds.

It requires a bit of strength to hold a giant rabbit. To hold a giant rabbit, support its upper body with your arm around its chest and front legs. If the rabbit appears anxious, it is advised to leave it down calmly and let it go. 

How Long Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Live?

The average lifespan of flemish giant rabbits ranges from 8 – 10 years. Unfortunately, most flemish giants suffer from health issues that can result in their loss of life and may live only five years. Therefore, most people ask whether giant rabbits have a shorter lifespan. 

Let’s clear out this one confusion. The lifespan of any rabbit depends on its breed and lineage; a purebred rabbit has a high chance of living longer than a mixed-breed rabbit. 

You can help your rabbit to live a long life by keeping your eye on its diet and exercise. Give them healthy food to eat and thoroughly clean their cage. Keep them hygienically clean if you want your rabbit to live with you for a long time.

As these rabbits have a long lifespan, your baby will have a long-life partner as a pet. In addition, your baby will enjoy spending time with his pet as kids fall in love with their pets, so there will be no fear of losing your baby’s love. 

 How Much Do Flemish Giant Rabbits Cost?

The average cost of a Flemish giant rabbit is between $20 to $50. However, show-quality rabbits can require $75 to $300 or more. This cost is for one flemish giant rabbit; the price will increase if you consider having more than one.

A flemish giant rabbit may cost an arm and a leg, as you spend roughly $665 per year for one Flemish giant rabbit. However, a show-quality rabbit costs $2700.

You can visit Flemish Giant’s website, which will help determine your rabbit’s cost. In addition, this website will provide a helpful chart of housing, food, and accessories for breeding a Flemish giant rabbit.

Final Words 

Does your baby want to own a rabbit? If “yes,” then flemish giant rabbit might be an excellent choice for you. We prefer to give your rabbit a partner to enjoy. We have discussed all the aspects of petting a flemish giant rabbit and its cost in this post. 

Now it is totally up to you whether you will have a flemish giant rabbit for your kid. Hopefully, this post helped you a lot, and now you know whether rabbits are good pets for your kids. Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries or want to learn more about rabbits. Visit ownyourpet to learn more.

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