How To Spoil Your Guinea Pig (6 Easy Tips)

How To Spoil Your Guinea Pig

Trying to know how to spoil your guinea pigs shows one thing…you really care for your piggy. Guinea pigs are adorable little pets! They may be small, but they are big on personality and requires every bit of care and tenderness.

Like most pocket pets, your guinea pigs need to be spoilt and will require a clean comfy cage, a proper diet, and lots of chew toys.

However, if you want to go above and beyond on spoiling your guinea pig, read on as we show you some of the easiest and cutest ways to spoil your guinea pigs.

Can You Spoil Your Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are very cute and lovable pets. While Guinea pigs are not known to be a very large type of animal, they still have some big personalities.

And, just the same way every other animal needs love, affection, attention, and reasonable care to thrive, guinea pigs crave such attention as well.

But as a guinea pig owner, how can you spoil your guinea pig and provide him/her with all the love and care they deserve?

If you have always been worried about this, you don’t need to be concerned again; we have provided you with all the relevant information you need to spoil your guinea pig.

To effectively care for and spoil your piggy, there are few basic things you must be sure to provide for your guinea pig.

How To Spoil Your Guinea Pigs

Can You Spoil Your Guinea Pig

1. Buddies

In some parts of the countries of the world, it is considered not legal to own only one guinea pig. The reason for this is because guinea pigs are considered social animals.

This because they are very sociable and can easily get bored, lonely, and maybe depressed with no friends or buddies as they are fondly called in so many parts of the world.

If you own just only one guinea pig, know that you are not doing your pet any good and you are not in a way spoiling him. So it is advised to get your pet either one or two buddies to play with.

2. Toys

Guinea pigs, as earlier stated, are sociable animals, and they can be very playful. So your little friend will need a whole lot of toys to play with or keep himself busy with.

These toys are usually not expensive and can be easily gotten from any pet store, or if you decide to make one yourself, there are some great DIY options.

For instance, you can create so many guinea pig toys from a material that is as simple as toilet paper tubes. You can check out some DIY sites online and search for great ideas and ways to make them.

3. Big Cage

Guinea pigs, because of their tiny body size, spend most of their time in their cages to avoid exposure to so many harmful factors, so it’s no longer a surprise that a cage upgrade is always recommended.

It is generally recommended, and we are also suggesting that pet owners have at least 7.5 square feet per guinea pig.

If you own more than one guinea pig or multiple guinea pigs, you will surely be needing a bigger cage. Getting a two-story cage is one way you can increase your pet’s floor space.

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4. Snacks

The same way every other pet enjoys having snacks is the same way guinea pigs love snacks also! Your guinea pigs’ diet should be strictly based on grass hay.

This is because,  of course, the herbivores and also commercial food, supplemented with fresh produce should also be served to them.

Fruit should only be fed sparingly or in small amounts now and then because they are acidic and may cause injuries to the mouth of your guinea pig, but because you want to spoil them, you can serve your guinea pig some banana or apple.

Serving them Vitamin C tablet wouldn’t be a bad idea and may also make a good snack. You can visit your vet doctor to access more information on feeding your guinea pig, which includes the kind of safe and unsafe foods and suitable treats to serve them.

5. Cozies

Cozies are essential to your guinea pigs because guinea pigs love to snuggle and burrow into blankets, so providing one for them can show the kind of love and care you have for them.

Basically, cozies are tiny tents or sleeping bags for guinea pigs. They are also less expensive and can be easily gotten online, or if you decide to make one yourself, you can go online and download a simple pattern and make your own.

6. Playtime

Guinea pigs are adorable and playful animals; they are quite cuddly and often enjoy a time out with their owner.

Always make time to spend some quality time with your cute pet because they still want to be around their owners. This small adorable creature might even fall asleep on your lap while enjoying a time out with you!

Caring For Your Guinea Pig

Caring For Your Guinea Pig

Make sure to clean and disinfect your guinea pig’s territory and its surroundings at least once a week with a bleach solution. After rinsing, allow it to completely dry before placing the guinea pig back into the habitat.

Discard wet spots every day; change the bedding at least twice a week, or even more often as necessary.

Guinea pigs are known to be neat animals because they always stay clean and rarely need baths, but even at that, always try to spot-clean with a semi-wet washcloth or unscented baby wipes if needed.

Their fur may be brushed with a soft-backed brush. Guinea pigs that don’t have hair enjoy the benefit of a small amount of non-toxic aloe-based lotion rubbed onto the skin to keep it soft.

Clip the nails of your guinea pigs approximately once a month. If you are not disposed to cleaning your guinea pig’s teeth, it is allowed, and It is normal for a guinea pig’s teeth to be somehow yellow or entirely yellow; cleaning is not necessary.

If you notice a rapid outgrowth in the teeth or nails of your guinea pig, do well to consult with a veterinarian.


Guinea pigs are lovely well-natured animals that enjoy playing a lot and need every bit of love and care;

they like to be pampered and spoilt, and the best thing a pet owner can do for his/her guinea pig is to spoil them, but some pet owners always make the mistake of caring less for their pets or not knowing the proper way to spoil their pets especially guinea pigs.

This article gave a piece of well-detailed information on how to spoil your guinea pig.

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