How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live?

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Lifespan

How long do Netherland dwarf rabbits live? Netherland dwarf rabbits have a very long lifespan, between a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12years, depending on how well they are cared for and treated.

How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live | How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live

Netherland Dwarf rabbits are the smallest domesticated rabbit breed. It weighs up to 2.5 pounds (900g) when completely grown.

Their smallish and babyish, yet, lovely features made them incredibly famous pets, becoming the highest sold pets as of 2018, garnering over 13-18% sales. This article, How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live, will explain, in detail, the average lifespan of the Netherland dwarf rabbits and how well they can be cared for to ensure their longevity.

How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live? As earlier discussed, the Netherland Dwarf is among the most miniature rabbits globally, weighing no more than 2.5 pounds.

It can live up to 10 to 12 years and even longer with proper care, treatment, and housing. However, there are also the bigger Netherland Dwarf breeds which can live for 5 to 6years.

The genuine Netherland Dwarf breed is developed partly by the dwarfing gene. Hence, rabbit breeds that possess a feature of genetics will become surely rounded and tiny.

Bunnies that do not possess double regular genetics rather than one regular and one genetic will undoubtedly be more enormous while possessing longer ears.

Again, rabbits that obtain double dwarf breeds are obviously tiny and possess a gastrointestinal issue; thus, they never live longer than a few days.

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How To Care For Netherland Dwarf Rabbit To Make it Live Longer

How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live

Despite the longevity status that the Netherland Dwarf breeds can, some factors can enable them to live as long as they are meant to be.

These factors are in the form of care guides and pet treatment of these bunnies. Failure to follow these care factors could make their lifespan to be short-lived.

Many owners accidentally fail at this point, which usually negatively affect their pet rabbit.

First of all, as far as their diets and nutrition are concerned, the Netherland Dwarf rabbits possess a kind of digestive system that is very delicate than most types.

Therefore, the best diet should contain fresh, highest quality rabbit pellets and feed in limited quantity (1/8 cup per extra pound of body weight) and unlimited access to hay for adult and younger rabbits.

Also, attempt to locate perfectly dry and eco-friendly hay. Sliced safe veggies should probably be provided at least 2 cups or more per 6 pounds of body weight.

Meanwhile, it is imperative to ensure that the pellets are fresh and stored for at least 6months. Also, try to avoid pellets that are moldy or are already infected. The longer the pellets, the fewer nutrients they carry.

There’s also the possibility that rabbits will be ill when they are not always given the accurate percentage of protein, fiber, and fat that their body systems require.

The National Research Council has a detailed minimum rabbit nutrient requirement for a maintenance diet plan as 2% fat, 12% protein, and 14% -16% crude fiber.

It is expected of you to continuously feed your Netherland Dwarf rabbits with a pellet that is more in fiber (16-20%) and less in protein (14-15%) and fat (2-3%).

Whenever you happen to find a good brand, try to maintain the old brand because constant changes in the diet plan could increase gastrointestinal problems.

Also, try not to overfeed the Netherland Dwarf breeds to avoid excessive weight. However, hay could and must be given in unlimited quantities. Always try to give them water, especially while feeding them.

Illness-wise, there are few severe diseases you should protect your Netherland Dwarf breeds from. Depending on the country you live in, you may not have to vaccinate your rabbit. You must take your rabbit to an experienced veterinarian to check for any risk of possible diseases.

What is very vital factor in ensuring the longevity of your Netherland Dwarf rabbit?

Proper housing condition is also a very vital factor in ensuring the longevity of your Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Keep your bunny’s cage in an area of your home where there are no drafts or direct sunlight.

High temperatures and cold weather can be dangerous to small breeds like the Netherland Dwarf; therefore, it’s essential to protect them from unfavorable weather conditions.

Final Thoughts: How Long Do Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Live

Netherland Dwarf rabbits are one of the cutest and most lovely pets you can ever have. That is why it is one of the most purchased pets around the world. However, if you are one of its owners, you would expect it to be around for an extended period.

How long do Netherland dwarf rabbits live? As earlier discussed in this article, Netherland dwarf rabbits has a longer life span of 10 to 12 years, as far as you’re giving it the best possible care, diet, and housing. Then you can be sure of enjoying your pet for even longer than you expected.

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