How Much Lettuce Should I Feed My Rabbit?

Can You Overfeed A Rabbit Lettuce

One of the many questions we often get from rabbit owners is, “how much lettuce should I feed my rabbit?” Basically, feed 1 cup of lettuce for 2 lbs of rabbit body weight once per day. You can also divide it into multiple feedings per day.

The good thing is that rabbits can eat any leafy green that is safe for a human or a horse to eat. Just make sure you follow the recommended amount of greens per day.

But can you overfeed rabbit lettuce? This is also what we’re going to talk about in today’s article.

If you’re ready, let’s get to it!

How Much Lettuce Should I Feed My Rabbit?

How Much Lettuce Should I Feed My Rabbit

A rabbit can eat an average of about one cup of lettuce per day, which is equivalent to a little over half a pound.

If your rabbits are outside during the warmer months and eating grass off the ground, they will likely need less than this amount due to getting more nutrients from their diet.

A general rule for feeding your furry friend is to simply try to give them a little more than half of what they were eating before.

It is crucial not to overfeed your rabbit, as this can lead to health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

If you notice that your rabbit has been gaining weight or isn’t feeling well (or if the vet tells you!), cut back on the amount of food you are giving them.

Can You Overfeed A Rabbit Lettuce?

Light green lettuce, like an iceberg, contains lactucarium, which can cause diarrhea for your bunnies.

When feeding your bunnies lettuce for the first time, start slowly and in small quantitates. This is because too much quantity of lettuce can hurt their tummy, especially when they’re not used to it yet.

If your rabbit has diarrhea, stop feeding it lettuce. Otherwise, if you want to feed your bunny some light green lettuce on occasion and in small amounts (maybe not more than a few pieces at once), then give them a minimal amount of water with the lettuce so that their system can process it better.

Lettuce can be a good treat for your rabbit, but it should not replace their daily diet.

Can Too Much Lettuce Kill A Rabbit?

How Much Lettuce Should I Feed My Rabbit | Can Too Much Lettuce Kill A Rabbit

If a rabbit eats too much lettuce, it could experience stomach pain and may stop eating it.

The most important thing to note is that rabbits need more than just lettuces to stay healthy, so don’t feed them exclusively on this! In general, the recommended amount of lettuce for an adult rabbit is between 20-40 grams per day.

Furthermore, it’s very advisable to avoid giving your rabbit light-colored lettuce at all costs, including the iceberg. This type of lettuce can contain lactucarium, as I mentioned earlier.

In case you don’t know, lactucarium is a toxic chemical that can be harmful to your rabbit’s health if ingested.

It’s also worth noting that iceberg lettuce contains mainly water, which means that it will add little to no nutrition to your bunny’s diet.


How much lettuce should I feed my rabbit? Hopefully, we’ve given you the best answer to this question.

Follow the tips and advice we’ve shared above concerning how much lettuce your bunnies should eat and the quantity to feed them, and watch your bunnies grow healthier and happier.

Training rabbits as pets doesn’t have to be difficult once you know the kind of things they like and how to make them happy.

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