How Long Do Djungarian Hamsters Live?

Dwarf hamsters, like the Djungarian hamsters, are popular pets as they are half the size of their Syrian cousins, and just as delightful.

Having said that, Djungarian hamsters, also known as DJ hamsters, are one of many dwarf hamster species. it’s easy to identify by the distinguished dorsal stripe running down their back.

DJ hamsters stay about half the size of a Syrian hamster and are much more active. However, as with most dwarf hamsters, DJ’s are very quick and require handling to tame or slow them down.

But how long do Djungarian hamsters live? Djungarian hamsters can live for 12 months. The average lifespan of a Djungarian hamster ranges between 1-3 years.

In the wild, the Djungarian hamster may live for one year only. To save yourself from longevity stress when getting a Djungarian hamster, it’s best to get a young one.

In this post, we covered all you need to know about the lifespan of Djungarian hamsters and how to care for your Djungarian hamsters to live out the expected lifespan, including information on their diet, breeding, and health problems.

How Long Do Hamsters Live?

Djungarian Hamsters Lifespan

Of a truth, hamsters have a shorter lifespan compared to most other household pets. Hamsters are in five species – the domesticated ones, though.

According to Claudie, “The Hamster Whisperer” and proprietor of the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven:

Generally, domesticated hamsters live for two to three years.

Any hamster that is a year and a half old is considered elderly, she says, and how much your hamster shows his or her age will depend on several things, including their individual personality and energy level.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your hamster live a healthy, fulfilling life.

But before that, we want to know how long a Djungarian Hamsters Lives.

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How Long does Djungarian Hamsters Live?

First, Djungarian hamster’s lifespan varies from one to two years. However, different factors contribute to whether your own hamsters will live for more than a year, two years, or up to three years.

Briefly, unprecedented care and constant and appropriate veterinary care throughout his or her life will contribute greatly to how long your hamsters can live.

What Does the Djungarian Hamster Looks Like?

Can you identify a Djungarian hamster when you see one? If the answer is no, this article will be of great to you.

Djungarian hamster is about 3-5 inches long. The male usually is bigger than the female. The Syrian hamster is two times bigger than the Djungarian hamster. The Djungarian hamster is more rotund by summer and weighs less by winter.

The weight of the Djungarian hamster ranges from 19 grams to 45 grams. The female Djungarian hamster is lighter.

The Djungarian hamster mostly has light or dark grey furs. Some come in sapphire or golden yellow or rust orange fur. A dark dorsal stripe runs all over the body of the Djungarian hamster.

What Do I Check When Buying a Djungarian Hamster?

Ask the pet attendant how old the Djungarian hamster is. Knowing the lifespan of a Djungarian hamster, we recommend you get a young hamster so he can live for some time with your household.

You must get a healthy hamster. How do you recognize a healthy hamster? A healthy hamster will have a clear nose and eyes with healthy skin. Bald and patches on his skin are signs of a healthy hamster.

Also, be on the lookout for a wet tail infection. A wet tail infection can be deadly for your Djungarian hamster.

It would be best if you also inquired about the gender of the hamster from the pet attendant. Determining the gender of a young hamster is nearly close to impossible.

How to House a Djungarian Hamster

How to house your hamster is another factor you should be on the lookout for at the pet store. You can house your Djungarian hamster in a cage or tank.

If you are using a cage, the bars should be together so that the hamster cannot squeeze in between it and get out. Hamsters are known for being quite crafty.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so if you want to get a good night’s sleep, you should place the cage far from your bedroom at night.

Hamsters are quite territorial and aggressive. This means that they rarely get along with other animals. So, if you have other pets like dogs and cats in the house, don’t bring them close to the hamster.

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What Should Be in My Djungarian Hamster’s Cage?

What is Djungarian Hamster lifespan

A water bottle that comes with a hanger should be in your hamsters’ cage. Make sure to change the water daily. Chloroquine-free water is best for your hamster.

Instead of using a plastic bowl, an earthenware bowl is recommended to be used as a feeding dish for your hamster. There is the possibility of your hamster chewing the plastic bowl and ingesting dangerous chemicals.

A running wheel must be contained in your hamster’s cage. Hamsters are active animals known to travel a lot and dig tunnels. A running wheel will keep them active and healthy.

Create a hiding place for your hamster. You can create a tunnel with cardboard to give your hamster the illusion of hiding in a tunnel.

What Should I Feed My Djungarian Hamster?

Your hamster diet must be balanced and healthy. To save yourself from sourcing for healthy food pieces, you can get a pelleted hamster diet for your hamster in the pet shop.

If your hamster gets tired of the pelleted diet, it’s best if you supplement it with other diets.

You can also serve your hamster fruits, seeds, nuts, cereals, mealworms, vegetables, and bits of cooked poultry, etc., as treats. This should be in little quantities, as too much of it can cause diarrhea.

How Do I Prolong the Lifespan of Djungarian Hamsters?

Once you get a hamster, you sign up for taking care of it. Below are some ways you can care for your Djungarian hamster.

  • Change the bedding when it’s messy.
  • Leftover food shouldn’t be served to your hamster.
  • Clean the cage weekly. You can also opt for spot cleaning the cage daily.
  • When necessary, wash the cage using a cleaner that is designed for cleaning small rodents’ cells.

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With the right care, your Djungarian hamster can live up to 3 years. Getting the Djungarian hamster is just the first step – a new pet means new responsibility.

Ensure you take care of your pet to the best of your abilities.

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