How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live?

How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live

Getting a hamster as a pet is quite admirable. Pet hamsters are usually low maintenance and are super fun to play with. If you think your child is committed to taking care of a pet, getting a hamster is a right way to go. How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live? Let’s learn.

How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live
How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live

There are different types of hamsters. Before getting one, you need to arm yourself with some information about a particular hamster species and its lifespans. How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live? Read this post!

How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live?

How long do short haired hamsters live?  Short-Haired Syrian Hamsters live for 24 months. In other words, the lifespan of a short-haired Syrian hamster is 2 years on average.
You want to consider this before getting a Short-Haired Syrian Hamster. Preferably get a baby short-haired Syrian hamster.

How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live? Explained

Short Haired Hamsters’ ancestors hail from Syria, closer to extinction in the wild. More so, when full-grown, the short-haired hamster is between 5.5 and 6 inches long. But the females are larger than males.

Be it as it may, the average lifespan is about two years, although some might make it to age three, but not a regular occurrence. Short- and long-haired Syrian hamsters have the same average life span, although both obey some longevity factors.

The right kind of food, housing, and necessary veterinary care can help your short-haired hamsters reach their maximum life expectancy. Invariable, you could say that your hamsters living a bit longer partly depends on you.

Short-Haired Syrian Hamsters – What You Need To Know

How to Take Care of My Short-Haired Hamster

Here is some vital information you should know before buying a Short-Haired Hamster.

Short-Haired Hamsters are quite energetic and athletic with long furs that extends to their head and shoulders.

The short-haired hamsters are also considered dwarf hamsters because, at most, they are expected to grow up to 3 or 4 inches.

The hamster has an omnivore diet, and it’s relatively friendly. This follows that he will make an excellent pet for you or your kids.

What Items Should I Get for My Short-Haired Hamsters?

  • An appropriately sized Cage
  • High-quality hamster food
  • Treats and toys
  • Beddings and a hamster heating mat
  • Nesting fluff, he can burrow inside in cold weather.
  • Food bowl and water bottle
  • Hamster exercise wheel
  • A hideaway place like a tunnel. This can be constructed with cardboard paper.
  • Wood, mineral, and chew tubes
  • Book about hamsters

Safety Tips When Handling a Short-Haired Hamster

All animals (hamsters inclusive) carry viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases contagious to humans; thus thoroughly wash your hands after touching your hamster.

Make sure to wash your hand with warm, soapy after any contact with your hamster.

Assist your kids when washing their hands to ensure that it is adequately cleaned.

Remember that hamsters can bite or scratch when agitated or stressed, so please handle them with caution.

If it’s not convenient to wash your hands always after coming in contact with your pet hamster, always use hand sanitizer.

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What Species are Short-Haired Hamsters?

There are about three species of hamsters sold in most pet stores.

The species of pet hamsters include:

The Syrian or Golden Hamster. They are the most common hamsters and are relatively easy to tame.

The dwarf hamsters have three species: Campbell’s Russian Hamster, Winter White Hamster, and Roborovskii’s Hamster.

The Chinese hamster is usually categorized alongside dwarf hamsters due to their similarities.

It would be best if you do not keep different hamsters together because they are usually aggressive to one another.

Female and male hamsters should be housed separately because they are usually aggressive to one another. If you are thinking of getting different species or gender of hamsters, you will have to get separate cages.

How to Take Care of My Short-Haired Hamster

Your hamster’s diet should consist of grains, vegetables, and fruits for a balanced diet.

Your hamster’s drinking water should be fresh, filtered, and chloroquine-free.

Change your hamster’s drinking water daily.

Don’t serve your hamster leftovers; fresh food should be served daily.

The temperature where your hamster’s cage is placed shouldn’t be extremely cold or warm; avoid placing your hamster directly under the rays of the sunlight.

Your hamster’s cage should be big enough for him to run about and exercise.

Get proper high-quality bedding for your hamster.

Signs That Your Short Haired Hamster Is Healthy

Short Haired Hamsters Lifespan
How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live?

In caring for your hamster, you must look out for specific symptoms and behavioral traits to ensure that your hamster is healthy.

A healthy hamster is active, friendly, and alert. If your hamsters exhibit these traits, there is no need for alarm.

If your hamster has a healthy appetite, he is in good health. Healthy fur and clear eyes are healthy traits in your hamster. If your hamster breathes with difficulty, you might need to visit your veterinarian.

A healthy hamster should walk with no difficulties.

Signs to Look Out for In an Unhealthy Hamster

  • Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea or dirty bottom
  • Abnormal hair loss
  • Labored breathing
  • Laziness
  • Eye or nasal discharge
  • Skin lesions
  • Overgrown teeth

What Do Short-Haired Hamsters Like to Eat?

Wild hamsters will feed on practically anything they lay their paws on, like insects, frogs, lizards, and other small animals. You should provide your pet hamster seeds, grains, nuts, cracked corn, fruits, and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits should make up at least 10% of his diet for a balanced diet.

Conclusion: How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live

There are certain factors you should consider when getting a pet hamster. Generally, hamsters have around the same lifespan. How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live? The Short-Haired Hamster is no different.

On average, the Short-Haired Hamster lives for 2 years. With the right care, however, your Short Haired Hamster can live up to 3 years. I hope this article, How Long Do Short Haired Hamsters Live, helped you a lot.

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